L F W | Xiao Li A/W 14 Show

21 February, 2014

On the Saturday of London Fashion Week I was lucky enough to receive a priority front row ticket from a friend for the Xiao Li show held at Freemason's Hall. I was unfamiliar with Xiao Li previously, as she is a Royal College of Art recent graduate. I've got to confess, it's up there with my favourites of the entire week!

Her futuristic, structured designs whilst remaining feminine are innovative and exhilarating. The palette was kept to mainly pastel blues and white, whilst the models sported chalked, dusty pink hair which has certainly reignited my desire for pink hair. Although the colours did not seem particularly follow the Autumn Winter standard palette, I personally adored it. The main statement from the young recent RCA graduate though was her use of texture as her creations were mainly developed from a rubber material mixed with a delicate mesh.

The pastel colours and feminine, intricate detailing was juxtaposed perfectly by the tomboyish shapes that included an incredible pair of full-length dungarees and long-line shorts. The finale piece, which I was unfortunately too slow to photograph was an oversized jacket that was interwoven with blue LED lighting that shone magnificently as the lighting went down.

I look forward to following Xiao Li's future career and what she could possibly come up with next season to top this one!

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