L i f e s t y l e | #AlproAM Challenge

04 February, 2014

If you follow me on my Instagram account you may or may not have seen that I've been taking part in Alpro's #AlproAM challenge in where I have a smoothie to start my day every morning for seven days in a row using Alpro's alternative to dairy products. This challenge was ideal for me, whilst I am not lactose intolerant I absolutely detest cow's milk. It's just pure evil. The taste, texture, the consistency... ugh, I just cannot stand it! It also worked out well as I've just made an investment into a brand new blender as I love to make smoothies as meal replacements in the spring and summer months! I had never used any type of milk other than yoghurt in a smoothie before so I was excited to see how Alpro's Almond Milk would taste.

I was kindly sent the kit above to get me started that included Alpro products, a recipe guide, Origins energy boosting moisturiser, two Burberry nail polishes, a Fitbit wireless activity tracker and a plant-power bowl. I've been trying to change up the recipes of the smoothies every day including some from the guide and some of my own inventions. If you want to follow my progress and smoothie recipes you can hop on over to my Instagram account and see how I'm getting on.


  1. I use this a lot on my Slimming World plan, tastes yummy! Look forward to checking our your recipes! :)

    Jen xx

  2. I LOVE their almond milk with cereal, it's so sweet and delicious :) looking forward to seeing more updates on Instagram!

    Megan x



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