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10 February, 2014

Playsuit*: c/o Karma Clothing
Hat: H&M, £12.99
Blouse: Charity Shop, £5
Boots: Vagabond via Urban Outfitters, £90

This is actually the second time I've shot this playsuit. I was having a bit of a self-confidence crisis a few weeks ago when I received it and shuddered at myself in anything body-con. However, I've managed to dig myself out of my hole and brave the body-con. This luscious red velvet number was sent to me by Karma Clothing and I have warmed to it a lot more now. After all, red velvet isn't just for Christmas! In my rule books velvet is appropriate all year round in fact. Although I'm not donning this turtle neck, playsuit quite as well as Rihanna it's definitely secured a place in my closet. You can purchase it for under £15 in an assortment of colours.

I had my hair trimmed a few days ago, even though I'm trying my absolute best to grow it out to wonderful mermaid hair (a never-ending life mission). I've been taking my sea kelp supplements and I've picked up some caffeine shampoo intended for hair loss, so fingers crossed! I might start a series of posts on hair growth aids to see if they actually work and track the progress of my snail-paced hair growth!


  1. This is amazing! I am so obsessed with that belt xo

  2. That playsuit's great, you look awesome! x


  3. I'd love to hear your reviews of those Leigh, my hair is in a perpetual state of (un)growth.

    Embrace the body con, you look amazing in it! :) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  4. Stunning! That shirt is lovely, and the playsuit looks lush on you! xx


  5. The colour of that dress goes so nicely with your hair. Gorgeous.

  6. You look gorgeous here, I wish I could look this good in a playsuit, you have nowt to be shuddering about AT ALL.

    And yes! Let us know how the tablets go as I really want my mangled locks to grow!


  7. You look great in this playsuit!


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