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23 February, 2014

Hat: H&M, £12.99
Dress: Charity Shop, £4
Belt: Urban Outfitters Renewal, £5
Boots: Vagabond via Urban Outfitters, £90
Clutch: Zara Sale (old), £16

Double embellishment?! Is it a fashion sin? I just don't know, but kind of don't really care. I bought this incredible embellished dress from a charity shop towards the end of last year with the intention of wearing it to my work Christmas party but at the last moment I changed my mind. I picked up a similar one for the same price but in brown and gold too. It was one of those particularly special and rare charity shop purchases in where you have to pinch yourself because you can't quite believe your luck! It's the dress that dreams are made of! Although it is a little big, a belt resolves the problem perfectly so I'm not walking around looking like a blue, sparkly potato sack.

I'm heading on holiday to Marrakech, Morocco in April NEXT MONTH and this dress will certainly take pride of place in my suitcase. I'm ever so excited as I haven't been on holiday since I went to Rome years ago! I've got a feeling the travelling bug may bite me as I've already been looking up flights to Barcelona too! Also, if I decide to go along to any festivals this year or manage to get a ticket for Glastonbury in the April re-sale (I am still incredibly bitter and tender about the subject of not getting a ticket *sob*), this dress will certainly be following me. I decided to double up with the embellishment love by sporting this clutch I bought in the Zara sale last summer. Also, if you haven't already noticed my new Vagabond boots from Urban Outfitters are permanently glued to my feet. They're the most comfortable boots I think I have ever owned; I even think I could hike in them! Well, maybe...


  1. What a gorgeous dress- the print is lovely!

  2. Love the dress, is gorgeous **

    Ines Loves
    Have a lovely day! <3
    IT *

  3. Absolutely love your hat!! :) xo

  4. Seriously super duper gorgeous!!!

  5. This is so gorgeous! blue really suits you, jealous of your trip!

  6. That dress is so pretty, you look awesome Leigh! x


  7. I wish I had your charity shop luck!

  8. That dress is stunning - what a steal!

  9. such an incredible charity shop find! such a great outfit.
    love ellie x

  10. This is gorgeous! I love your belt xo

  11. I almost get a slight pang of sadness when I see such a beautiful item on you and notice it's charity shopped. SERIOUSLY - STOP IT. OR AT LEAST TAKE ME WITH YOU BEAUTIFUL AND COOL CREATURE xxx

  12. wow, that dress! the colour of it is amazing and the embellishment is stunning! It will definitely be great for your holiday to morocco, good luck with attempting to get a ticket in the re-sale of glastonbury, I never have any luck!


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