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01 March, 2014

Dress*: c/o Chi Chi
Hat: H&M
Jacket: Minkpink via ASOS (available here)
Boots: Vagabond via Urban Outfitters (available here)
c/o Nica (available here)

This dress must have been made with Disney princesses in mind! Then again any dress with a petticoat underneath makes me feel a little bit like a princess. Whilst this dress sent to me from Chi Chi is not designed for the every day trip to Tesco, I wanted to dress it down as much as possible for a day time look as I'm not going to any parties anytime soon. Plus, who doesn't want to wear an extravagant dress to do a bit of shopping or the housework?! My faithful fedora hat, which is slowly losing it's shape, dressed it down perfectly to give it more of a folksy edge rather than princess.

I've wanted the MINKPINK Backstage Pass Jacket for a while now and I noticed it had gone into sale on ASOS, but they didn't have any size smalls left! Luckily, I kept a crafty eye out for weeks on end as it was in my saved items basket hoping that it would miraculously come back into stock and it actually did! I'm assuming someone must have returned it so I am thanking that annoymous, mysterious person eternally because I AM IN LOVE. I think everyone and their cat knows just how I feel about MINKPINK by now. If you don't, I have ALL OF THE FEELS for them. Every single one.


  1. I LOVE this - you look stunning! I love the different textures xo

  2. That coat is gorgeous! Love this outfit! :)

  3. The dress looks beautiful! Love the outfit!


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  5. I love this, so editorial shoot esq. You look beaut!

  6. Love this! Your style is amazing!

  7. It really does look like a disney inspired dress! You've dress it down really well, I love the minkpink coat so much, it really adds such a boho feel to it and I love the back drop you chose to use as well, it all looks so good together

  8. Mate, just wear it to pop out to get milk. Heels, bouffant, the lot. It's beautiful! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Love the clash of prints in these photos and your outfit is so cute :)

    Hailes Hearts Fashion.


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