O U T F I T | #makethemoment with lola&grace

08 March, 2014

Last week I headed up to London once again for an afternoon of flowers, cupcakes, shooting and filming with jewellery brand, lola&grace, for their #makethemoment campaign. The location was at the absolutely stunning McQueen's Florist on Old Street, East London, which was such a beautiful venue and smelt incredible! After having a little look at the SS14 collection that lola&grace had to offer, I was styled up with some pieces by shopping editor, Robyn Kotze, from InStyle magazine. I opted for an enitrely rose gold set as I have a rose gold Michael Kors watch which I often find hard to find matching jewellery for! Luckily, lola&grace have a million and one rose gold pieces, which made me the happiest bunny in the world as I got to don them all for the styling shoot and film we did once we took to the streets.

You can see the street style video above, but maybe watch it on mute because I absolutely cringe at my voice every single time! I was horribly ill, so I'll blame it on that! I've found out since that the church we were filming and shooting outside is actually the church my nan and grandad were married in many moons ago as they both lived on Old Street. I had absolutely no idea at the time, but my mum recognised it from the video. As you can imagine, that was pretty touching, and I cannot get over how coincidental that actually is! As mentioned previously this was all in aid of lola&grace's #makethemoment campaign in where you can also take part and win a trip to Berlin during Fashion Week. You can find full details of their competition here.


  1. You look amazing Leigh! That dress is just so pretty! x


  2. This is such a lovely outfit.
    Love the dress and hat.


  3. love the pattern on your dress :) x

  4. Oh sosos gorgeous! Your dress is absolutely stunning! x

  5. This is beautiful - I love your necklace and the pattern of the dress xo

  6. Sweet pictures and a lovely look - amazing dress! :)


  7. Love love ur style! And that dress is very cute xx

  8. Leigh you look INCREDIBLE, woot wooo! These photos are just beautiful x

  9. LEIGH you beauty! I have this dress, and on one hand I want to redig it out because you look amazing, but on the other hand, because you look amazing, I won't be able to compete! And hello hair pinned back - your hair looks sexy pinned back (definitely didn't quote that from Mean Girls......) MWAH xx


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