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13 March, 2014

Trousers: Rihanna For River Island (similar here)
Necklace: Primark
Boots: Boot Sale

These trousers are far too cool to be gracing my legs. I'm still uncertain on them. Well, I'm not uncertain on them as much as I'm as uncertain as them on me. I recently mentioned them and my uncertainty on them in my first Youtube video haul here. Needless to say they are the noisiest trousers in the world. They squeak every time I move my legs, so pretty much all of the time! What else do I expect from a pair of joggers made from PVC though? So whilst not the most subtle and practical garment in the world (apart from being entirely splash-proof!), they were only £10 down from £50 so maybe I'll hang onto them for a little longer.

I was a little bit naughty and the ASOS 20% extra off of sale won me over a few weeks ago, which led to a few unnecessary purchases including this mesh cropped top. I already own about a million and one crop tops, but I do love me an orange and purple combination (entirely down to the fact it reminds me of Fudge chocolate bars).

Also, brace yourselves... I'm not wearing my trusty Vagabond boots for once! I had a pair of Caterpillar tan boots when I was a titch, at maybe 6 or 7 years old. I think my mum bought them because of them being such a sturdy, long-lasting boot, which I probably no doubt turned my nose up at. Recently though I've been feeling a little nostalgic and wanting a pair of their tan worker boots. However, in shoe shops I've been browsing they were priced at £100+, which really isn't fit for my budget right now. Last weekend I went to the local car boot sale and found the very pair I wanted in my size for £3! They were covered in quite a lot of dirt, but once I got them home and scrubbed off the dirt I found that they've hardly even been worn and are still in really good condition! Pretty darn chuffed about this little find!



  1. I love this outfit...super cute combo's. RoRo’s World

  2. Love that top, such a cool outfit!


  3. you look absolutely incredible! love the boots on you! x

  4. I love your outfit

  5. Great outfit, I love the trousers in the photos, definitely photoshoot ready!
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