R E V I E W | Muru Dreamcatcher Bracelet from Lulu Winter

12 March, 2014

Dreamcatcher Bracelet*: c/o Lulu Winter

I'm a little obsessed with dream catchers. I bought my first one a few years back from eBay and since then the collection has grown. I suppose it develops from my fascination around Native Americans concerning their history, culture and beliefs.

dreamcatcher (n.) 1. a Native American craftwork consisting of a small hoop covered with string, yarn, or horsehair mesh and decorated with feathers and beads and believed to give its owner good dreams.

So when Lulu Winter offered me a piece from their range of beautiful jewellery there was no other alternative in my mind other than this rose gold, dream catcher bracelet by Muru. Rose gold is my absolute favourite, but it's so difficult to come across in comparison to silver and gold so I really do excited when I find a piece of jewellery in rose gold that I love! This particular style is called the 'prosperity dreamcatcher, which is supposedly meant to bring wealth and good fortune. Wealth is something I could definitely use right now, so let's hope so! The pendant is central to a delicate gold chain with a clasp which rests on the underside of your wrist. The only problem I've had with this bracelet is that it's a little too big, but I have quite small wrists! I'm scared of it falling off whilst wearing it, so I think I'm going to have to take a few links out so it fits a little better. This shouldn't be too much of a problem if you have normal sized wrists, unlike myself.


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