V I D E O | An Introduction & Shopping Haul ft. Zara, Primark, Topshop & Charity Shops

05 March, 2014


I've only gone and bloody done it, haven't I? I've gone and joined the big dogs over on YouTube. I've always said Youtube is something I would never do, but I've become a big, fat hypocrite! Also, it seemed that as I had spent £400 on a new camera recently I might as well take advantage of all it's settings, right? It really did seem like the next step for my blog and it seems to be where the future of blogging is leading, so I jumped aboard the vlogging bandwagon! Now, I'm not exactly the most natural in front of a camera; I'm actually terribly awkward, but bear with me until I get to grips with this whole talking-to-myself-fandango! If you can tolerate my trawling on about what I've bought this week and do like what you see then please do subscribe or leave a comment (but not a mean one, I may cry!).

This first Youtube video happened to coincide with Fox & Feather hitting the big 1,000 GFC followers. I only found this out after I filmed this video, so it wasn't intentional timing otherwise I would have mentioned it in the video. But thank you, to every single one of you so much! Now I'm not going to extend the soppy speech, but just go and watch me make an awkward fool of myself in front of the camera. Also, if you have any ideas for another video please let me know because I have no idea about this malarky!


  1. YOU DID IT!!! Off to have a watch now xx

  2. Congrat on ur 1000 followers! And you did a awsome job on your video!

  3. Great haul :)



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