O U T F I T | Bournemouth Beach

15 April, 2014

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (available here)
Tie-Dye Shirt: Market Stall
Crop Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: Primark
Belt: Charity Shop

Yesterday marked one whole year since I met my boyfriend so as the sun was shining to celebrate we jumped on a short train journey to our nearest seaside of Bournemouth. It only takes around thirty minutes from Southampton, which means it's within arm's reach all throughout the summer. I was actually expecting it to be rather windy and a little bit chilly once we got to Bournemouth as I feel as if us British people set our expectations too high once the sun finally shows itself. Many a time when the sun comes out at the start of the year have I jumped on a train to the beach only to find myself shivering underneath a jumper whilst sat huddled on the sand. Luckily this time the weather was perfect! We spent the day strolling the beach, eating fish and chips (or battered sausage in my case because I hate fish!), rinsing all of our money in the Pier arcade and bathing in the rare sunshine. Somehow we defied all the rules and managed to win not one, but two cuddly toys from the claw machines!

I wore a rather summery ensemble with this lace bralet teamed with a mirrored, embellished vintage skirt I picked up months ago and had completely forgotten about. The tie-dye, longline shirt was also a winter purchase that I've been eagerly awaiting the ideal weather to wear! I just wish I could spend every Monday in the company of the sun, the sea and the sand.



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  2. Absolutely adore this outfit! Looking amazing x
    Julia in Disguise

  3. This is stunning, what gorgeous photos! I love all the patterns and textures ox

  4. this look so beautiful! I love your outfit too gal


  5. love this outfit leigh - super summer babe! and happy 1 year! :) x

  6. Congrats on the 1 year :-) I love Bournemouth beach in the Summer! Photos look gorgeous xx


  7. love the outfit and these pictures! it sounds like so much fun! xx

  8. love this outfit!
    www.LydiaRosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo


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