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16 May, 2014

Every girl does it before a festival. In her mind she'll plan every single day's outfit weeks, maybe even months before. Most of the time they're impractical for British weather, but who cares, you're off to a weekend of pure escapism! Wear whatever the hell you want. A key part in creating a perfect festival outfit is accesorising. It's impossible to over-accesorise at a festival, that's for sure! The more, the better!

Headwear: My love for excessive and extravagant headwear at festivals is not unknown. I love the fact I can walk around in my feathered, Native American inspired headdress and no one will batter an eyelid. Also, hats can actually prove practical as well as being a fashion statement. If it gets particularly sunny a fedora or floppy hat can protect you from sunstroke, whilst packing a woolly beanie in your bag can keep you warm when trying to sleep at night. Believe me, you won't regret it! Nothing is worse than not being able to sleep because you're shivering! Needless to say flower crowns and animal hats are a must! Crown & Glory stock the mother of all flower crowns and my foxy Spirithood is definitely a festival essential!

Sunglasses: Once again, if the weather is on your side it's good to have a pair of sunglasses on hand. Although I am a Ray Ban fiend, I do not trust myself to not lose them at a festival considering I spent 90% of the time in a hazy, tipsy state. Instead, every year I invest in a couple of £2 Primark pairs, which do the job perfectly. As they're so cheap it means you can buy multiple pairs for different days and different outfits!

Body jewellery: For me, the only piercings I have are my nose and my ears, so feathered earrings always accompany me to the fields of Glastonbury. Cropped tops are a festival necessity, so what better way to accesorise than with a dangling belly button ring from Fresh Trends for a perfect bohemian, gypsy look.

Jewellery: When it comes to jewellery, there is no such thing as too much. Also tend to avoid looser jewellery that may just go flying through the air, never to be found from excessive dance moves (I talk from experience here). Leave all expensive, beloved jewellery tucked away at home. A muddy field is definitely not the place for it!

Bags: You need to be taking at least two bags! One to obviously pack all of your essentials in. I use my hiking backpack which has seen me through everyone of my Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and now it manages to transport all of my festival outfits and a shed load of cider every year. I used to take a holdall on wheels and believe me that may seem tempting, but I honestly have found it so much easier to carry it all in a hiking backpack. They have straps for support and to balance out the weight so it's also much kinder on your muscles! The last thing you want to do is injure yourself carrying your bag before the festival even begins. You'll also need a bag for during the day to keep your personal possessions close to you such as your money, phone and camera. I always tend to avoid a rucksack just in case of nasty pickpockets! I tend to favour bumbags and across body bags so you can keep an eye on your belongings. You can get so many fun and stylish bumbags now too. Mine is from Urban Outfitters and they've got tons of incredibly festival appropriate bumbags to choose from.


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