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09 May, 2014

The festival season is fast approaching and I'm intending to feature some regular festival themed blog posts as I am an avid festival goer and fan. For me, a festival is a holiday. I would rather be in a field, knee deep in mud with Haim on stage than on a beach in the Bahamas. Truly. There's no atmosphere that can ever compare. I've been going to festivals on an annual basis since I was 16 years old and I'll still be going with my kids when I'm 40! Yes, I'm going to be one of those mums and I really don't care! It's simply become a staple part of my summer routine.

Unfortunately this year though I've been wallowing in self pity as I didn't manage to get my paws on a Glastonbury ticket (as I continuously keep mentioning) and it'll be the first time I haven't been able to go since 2010. Woe is me. However, I thought I would kick start the festival themed posts with this post as an entry to Bank Fashion's #DestinationUnknown contest.

Glastonbury Festival has become my favourite place in the world that I've ever visited. The spirit of the community there is unlike any other festival; everyone is automatically your friend as you share the same extraordinary experience. It has well over fifty stages, as well as activities such a early morning yoga, hula hooping classes, woodshop activities and so much more! Oh, and don't even get me started on the clubbing. There really is no time to sleep whilst you're there! It's a total break from reality as every part of Worthy Farm has been transformed into a trippy, dreamlike environment. I don't even consider the line-up when I'm buying a ticket, because Glastonbury is about so much more than music! Although my loyalty to Glastonbury remains true, I would love to get a little more 'well-festival-travelled' and experience what others have to offer, particularly abroad!

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I've picked out a few festival ready pieces from the BANK Fashion website. The wonderful thing about festivals is that you can be as experimental as you like with styling and no one will batter their glitter covered eyelids. Festival fashion SHOULD be fantastical (and practical)! Remember to be half sensible by packing a suitable rain mac and wellies (I've had bad experiences in where EVERYTHING in my bag was soaked through and I put on wet clothes everyday), but still dress to excess! Paint your wellies and attach pom-pom's to your mac! Wear flower crowns, extravagant headwear and feathers in your hair! Also, pack a bikini and keep those fingers crossed that you'll actually get to pair it with a pair of denim cut off shorts. To top off your festival outfit don't forget that retro, festival appropriate phone that has battery life to survive the apocalypse and beyond!


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  1. The phone thing is such a good idea! Not that I've ever been to a festival - I'm the opposite and would go for the bahamas any day!



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