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27 May, 2014

It's giveaway madness this month and I still have even more lined up after this one! I love herbal, fruit and green teas. Even as a ridiculously poor student my cupboard had a whole shelf dedicated to every flavour of tea under the sun! When Teapigs offered me the chance to trial out their new super matcha tea, who was I to say no? Now, I had never even heard of matcha tea before my communication with Teapigs, so when I read into it I was a little astounded and dubious to it's claims. Matcha tea originates from the Nischio region of Japan and has only recently started to gain recognition in the UK recently. It's universally known that green tea is full to the brim with health benefits. However, matcha is a super green tea that actually possesses 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea! With regular green tea all the goodness gets thrown away in the tea bag, whilst Matcha is ground down to a fine powder that is stirred into the drink.

I've been reviewing Matcha alongside the final few weeks of my last ever university deadline, which is rather fitting! Matcha claims to keep you well-concentrated and alert, which is why it's also used by Buddhist monks to stay focused during meditation. Apparently it has been popular amongst students in Japan for years for cramming in last minute revision and studies, so I'm rather thankful for discovering it just in time! Upon opening the tin of Matcha for the first time a wisp of green powder rose into the air, which automatically convinced me of it's magic powers. Although matcha can be pretty much blended into any liquid my first experience of it was in lukewarm water just like traditional green tea. Now, the taste is strong. If you're a regular herbal tea drinker this shouldn't be a problem, but if you're not acquired to the taste of regular herbal teas then it's fair to say it wouldn't be suited to your palette.

However, as mentioned before part of the magic of matcha is that it can be blended into almost any liquid. Whilst it can be a little overpowering when mixed with just water or milk, I've blended it into smoothies and juices (I particularly love it with mango juice!) and you can barely taste it at all. In fact you can even bake matcha cookies or make matcha ice cream if you're feeling adventurous! I've been drinking a cup of some sort of matcha concoction once or twice a day whilst cramming in final drawings before my deadline and I genuinely feel an improvement in my focus and concentration. As someone who tends to stray from my university work very easily, I feel a lot more energised at the start of the day and really feel it's giving me the boost I need to get going. I just wish I had discovered it four years ago!

The teapigs team have been kind enough to offer me a second matcha set to giveaway to one of my readers! The set includes the Organic Matcha Set which includes 1 x tin of organic matcha, a teapigs shot glass, a half teaspoon measuring spoon and an Aerolatte whisk (which is also handy for making naughty caramel lattes!). This giveaway will run for one week and is open to UK based readers only. However, if you want to give the magic matcha a go, you can get 10% off at the teapigs online store with exclusive discount code 'fox' which lasts until the end of June.

Have you tried matcha tea before? What did you think?

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  1. Cool giveaway! I'm a complete tea addict!

  2. Thank you! I love teapigs and often buy their everyday brew and chamomile tea! Must say - how cute is that little teapot?! So cute!

  3. This looks too good! unfortunately I live in the Netherlands :(


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