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14 May, 2014

Dress*: c/o ChicWish
Hat: H&M
Shoes*: c/o La Redoute

I posted about ChicWish a few weeks ago which included an extensive wishlist of their products. They just happen to have the most beautiful range of dresses I've ever laid eyes on. A lot of their products are very folksy and bohemian inspired, in fact their dresses would not look out of place in a Free People or Spell & Gypsy Collective lookbook! Whilst browsing for some new additions to my wardrobe this china blue and white dress jumped out at me. I can't say I've ever seen a dress like it! It's the perfect blend of sixties folk and I can certainly see it accompanying me to festivals year after year. Chicwish even have a red version here if the blue doesn't tickle your fancy. The dress and these magical, slipper, star-studded pumps from La Redoute are a match made in heaven. I'm not usually fond of pumps as I tend to live in platforms or heels, but I couldn't resist the celestial feel about these suedette beauties.

I have a little something to say, which I've kept quiet on my blog. As you know Southampton has been my home and (almost) university city for the past four years. The first couple of years I missed London something terrible and didn't warm to this port side city at all, but in the later years I really started to fall in love with it and had the intention to stay a little longer. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control (I'm looking at you Student Finance England! You bastards.) I'm having to move back home in less than two months to begin the terrible toll of paying off my student overdraft. In the past weeks I've really started to appreciate the sights I normally take for granted here, which includes these beautiful, grand, white houses which are just around the corner from where I live. There are of course a lot of positive points to moving back to London as it's a much better city for creative job opportunities and of course, there's the shopping! It's known for it's little boutiques and outlet shopping centres, which could be deadly for my bank account. I actually can't wait to visit the London Designer Outlet to spend some hard-earned pennies! Have any of you visited there before?



  1. That dress is so crazy beautiful! x

  2. oh sweet lord that dress is stunning!

  3. I'm in love with your dress! So pretty!


  4. Such a cute dress.

    Claudia xxx

  5. That dress is breath-taking, so darn beautiful x


  6. This is such a pretty dress perfect for summer, you look lovely :) xo

  7. This is such a perfect dress, it suits you so much! :)
    Aww, I will miss you on my little Southampton UO trips but it'll be so much fun living back in London!
    emmerliejay x

  8. That dress is wonderful! I didn't know about the outlet and I've been here nearly a year now! I need to start venturing out a little more ha x

  9. Ah Leigh, you look just lurverlee (poet, definitely did know it) x

  10. Ahh you look so pretty! Loving this look. Good luck to the move back to London - it's definitely the best place for creative jobs though. Currently trying to crack my way in haha x
    Julia In Disguise

  11. Such a lovely outfit! Love the dress a lot!


  12. Such a cute dress, it reminds me a lot of dutch delft china. I love a good long sleeved dress and this is just perfect!


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