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05 June, 2014

Father's Day is right around the corner (Sunday the 15th if you didn't know) and it's getting to the point where you're probably searching for ideal gift ideas! Personally, I come from a very small, female dominated family. In fact, the only male in my family home is my dog, Dude (yes my dog is called Dude)! Poor guy! However, when it comes to Father's Day my thoughts and gratitude go to my grandad who sadly passed away when I was a child. He was the closest male role model to me as a child and still is to this day. Every Friday I used to totter round to my grandparents' house and he would be sat in his arm chair ready and waiting with a surprise gift for me. I still have a few of them including a little yellow dog trinket and a harmonica. I can remember I would tirelessly steal his salted snacks too when his back was turned!

He was a talented gardener and carpenter, which is something I can fully appreciate as a fellow creative in this mass-produced day and age. He gifted me and my sister the most incredible doll's house with every intricate detail covered and it will remain one of my fondest childhood memories. Looking back to photos now he was actually pretty damn cool too! I mean look at the braces and acid wash jeans combo in the photo! Also, check out my ladybird slippers and full-on polka-dot ensemble! I think it's fair to say I've always been fond of a little pattern clash right from the start.

This Father's Day Mainline Menwear are hosting a wonderful competition and I'm honoured to be involved with the chance to win a £250 voucher to dedicate a male for a complete wardrobe overhaul. I've compiled some outfits from their incredible selection if you're stuck for gifts this Father's Day. It can be hard enough to shop for men (is it just me or all they ALL picky?!) and it can be even harder to shop for dads or grandads. Especially when it comes to clothes!

Hat | T-Shirt | Gloves | Belt | Jeans | Boots

This combination was inspired a lot by my grandad and is styled for the worker dad, who likes to think of himself as a top notch D.I.Y. king! Carhartt was initially an industrial factory work wear company, which means this t-shirt will be fully appreciated by a worker dad! A pair of Levi's jeans are also a firm favourite amongst any man and they are pretty hard-wearing for long days of heavy labour. I threw in the beanie and gloves because if you've got a dad who tends to work outside, this British weather can be so unreliable that they could be the ideal gift!

Jeans | Brogues | Bag | Hat | Shirt

Here's one for the Britpop dads that have a guitar in the attic they like to get out for special occasions. They're fond of bands like Oasis and Blur and sport a sixties style hair cut. In fact, they're pretty stylish it has to be said! Why not treat them to some goodies from Pretty Green, the creation of Liam Gallagher himself! Fred Perry is a firm favourite amongst dads of this sort so this weekend holdall would make a great gift too.

Shirt | Watch | Wallet | Shoes | Chinos

This outfit is for the 'business' dad who likes his designer labels when it comes to clothes and has a rather sophisticated sense of style. I've compiled an outfit that includes Hugo Boss, Armani and Ted Baker, so he would be absolutely chuffed with any of these to add to his already stylish wardrobe.

Here's to hoping this has helped you out of your Father's Day gift conundrum!


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