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28 October, 2014
Hair Oil*: c/o Alchemy Oils

As someone who has bleached their hair to the point of deterioration, I have a dependency on slathering my hair in oils to help nourish and soften it. Even though I last put peroxide or any type of colour on my hair over a year ago now, the ends of my hair are still in need of daily TLC and it has a tendency to break easily.

I've tried a number of hair oils over the years and I'm always on the lookout for a new brand to try. That's why I couldn't pass up giving Alchemy Oils' grapefruit remedy a go! Upon initial impressions I loved the packaging of the oil, as it comes in a glass bottle with a push in cork. In fact, it kind of looks like a potion! However, although it does look fantastic, the packaging isn't too practical as it's awkward to get the oil out of the bottle without pouring out too much or spilling it everywhere (I'm speak from experience as you may notice the staining all over the label in these photos). A pump would be more practical, but not quite as aesthetically pleasing.

I've not used this oil for a deep treatment, but only applied it to the ends of my hair after washing it as a leave-in treatment. Believe me, when I say less is definitely more with this product. The first few times of using it I slathered my hair in it from root to tip only to find that once my hair had dried it looked an oily, greasy mess! It doesn't seem to sink in as well as some other oils I've used in the past. Therefore, I apply the tiniest bit to the ends of my hair to help strengthen and soften it, which works a treat.

The grapefruit smell of the oil is absolutely delicious and I've really enjoyed using this product. I've been using it a little over a month now and I've only used around 10% of the bottle or so, which includes the amount I lost by spilling it. Although this oil retails at £17.99, it'll definitely last the best part of a year.

Have you tried Alchemy Oils grapefruit remedy? What did you think?


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