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24 November, 2014
As graduation photos fill up my social media newsfeed, it seems a lot of people are going to be going through that post-graduate slump of going to interview after interview to find the job that will kick-start their future career. I remember those first few weeks after finishing university, moving home and trawling through job site after job site for the perfect opportunity.

It's been wired into all of our brains now that first impressions count for a lot. This is certainly the case when it comes to interviews.  With  interviews in the creative industry in particular, aesthetic is important. In fact, creative careers are all about visuals, so the way you choose to present yourself upon your first meeting with your potential employer is pretty damn important. It's not all suits and ties when it comes to creativity (unless you don it with a fedora)!

In fact, having more freedom in the way you're expected to dress for an interview in this industry can make it all the more difficult. I've drawn together some suggestions with a little help from Topshop for what to wear if you have a creative interview creeping around the corner...
Velvet Suit // Pinstripe Suit // Sequin Two-Piece

1. Suit Up

Completely disregard what I said before about it not all being about suits and ties. Now don't get me wrong, a tweed pencil skirt and blazer from M&S probably isn't appropriate, but if you've got a suit that looks like any of the above (kudos to Toppers for their suit game!), then whip that baby out. Team an on trend two-piece with a slogan tee and a pair of skate slip-ons to dress it down.

2. Short & Sweet

If the suit or tux is a little too androgynous for your taste, then opt for a statement mini dress teamed with a pair of ankle boots and wide brim hat would look perfect. Choose a bold print or statement shape that will stick in your potential future employers mind.

3. Culotte It Out!

Firstly apologies for the poor pun. Longline culottes are a gift from the gods for the smart casual look. They just seem to dress up even a simple t-shirt and trainers to create a more formal look. It's definitely worth investing in a pair or two, or three...

What would you wear to a creative interview?


  1. Love these suggestions Leigh! Especially that velvet suit - WOW <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  2. Love all these suggestions! I graduate from fashion design at the end of the year so will need all the help I can get!

    Julia x

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  4. Love this post. I always wear a tailored blazer to an interview. x

  5. The culottes and the velvet suit are great ideas!
    S xx

  6. Cant imagine myself in long culottes. Or most people to be honest but I do love the first few options. Nice.

  7. love these ideas, so chic! x

    i've got a giveaway over on my blog if you want to check it out :)


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