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21 April, 2015
Thomas Sabo Sun Pendant
Thomas Sabo Sun Pendant
Gold Sun Pendant*: Thomas Sabo via Joshua James

I've spoken before about how picky I am when it comes to jewellery. I'm probably the most awkward gal to surprise with jewellery in the world.

However, I have fallen completely head over heels for this gold pendant sent to me from the wonderful team at Joshua James Jewellery. My obsession with celestial design is probably apparent from selection of props I had to hand here, so you can understand how over the moon (COMEDY GENIUS!) I was when the pendant arrived.

Now, I'm not even usually a fan of gold jewellery... unless it's rose gold. But, this sun pendant just would not have the same impact if it were silver or even tinted rose gold! I've got to confess most of my jewellery collection is actually 'costume jewellery' - cheers Primark, Topshop & various market stalls! So, it's really nice to own a luxurious piece that I have utterly fallen in love with. This could be the first of many Thomas Sabo pieces to have a home in my jewellery box.. well, a girl can dream!

Unfortunately I haven't yet had the chance to shop for a gold chain to wear it, so it's been sat on my side taunting me. As soon as I do manage to find the perfect gold chain to match it I'm sure it'll become a permanent statement piece for many years to come.

You can find the pendant here. What do you think of this Thomas Sabo pendant?


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