An Evening with Amazon Associates: What I Learnt

03 June, 2015
Amazon Associates evening

A few months back I attended an evening at Amazon HQ hosted by Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is in fact an affiliate program exclusive to Amazon themselves, meaning you can link thousands upon thousands of products through your blog and make a little commission on any sales. Hurrah!

The evening itself was divided up into four sections with four key, influential speakers with strong blogging or fashion-orientated backgrounds. This included the hugely successful Ella Gregory of Coco's Tea Party whose blog I have been reading since before I started blogging way back in 2010. She spoke honestly about the realities of blogging full-time and gave great advice about taking the dive into the freelance blogging pool.

Next up was Gem, an ex-blogger turned digital writer at Cosmopolitan whose day-to-day life involves writing articles that are intended to be shared across social networks. A point that Gem made that has stuck with me since that evening is when writing a post, you should think 'Would I share this?'. Blog posts that are shared are often something that is relatable to the person reading them and they want to express just that to the digital world. This is why lists blog entires on websites such as Buzzfeed perform so well, because usually they are relatable to a large portion of the readers who want to almost 'show-off' to their following. For example, a recent Buzzfeed style list I shared myself was titled '33 Jokes Only Game of Thrones Fans Will Understand', because I like to tell the world I LOVE GAME OF THRONES. We're all guilty of it, whether we like to admit it or not.

After feasting on some mini burgers (what's a blogger event without mini burgers, after all?), we headed back to our seats to listen to some styling tips from Rachel Story, a stylist at Hello! magazine. Rachel has some great tips about styling flat lays and lifestyle photography, which involved curating a story around a product you're looking to photograph. I've taken a lot more pride in my Instagram account and lifestyle photography since listening to Rachel's tips. I've also found myself picking up props from charity shops to try and make my photos a bit more stylised and directed. 

Last but not least on the panel was the lovely Reena from Fashion Daydreams who also works in affiliate marketing as a day job. Reena cut out all the jargon usually thrown at us my affiliate networks and broke it down in a much more understandable context.

If you fancy finding out more about Amazon Associates you can do so here.



  1. Sounds like such a good, informative evening!! Your blog is looking amazing btw xx

    1. Thanks, darling girl! I miss your face, let's rendezvous soon! ♥

  2. It was lovely to meet you - glad to see that I'm not the only one that took away so much from this event :)

    1. It was so lovely to meet you too! I know, it was such a fantastic evening and I feel I've definitely benefited from it. I'm a lot more considerate with my Instagram now haha! ♥


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