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17 September, 2015

asdaMEATup burgers on grill
Burger Side Salad from the #asdaMEATup

A few weeks ago James & myself were invited along the coast to the nearby seaside town of Brighton to take part in some National Burger Day celebrations with ASDA & the coolest outreach gang on the block, Talented Talkers. Who were we to say 'no'?! If you don't know already, James and myself have quite an intense love for burgers. In fact, we've been recently working on a little side project together over at BURGERFACE. Yup, that's right. A blog dedicated solely to burgers. I did say it was an INTENSE love. In fact, I think burgers are probably the foundation of our relationship.

The 'MEAT UP' was held in a gorgeous, modern house not too far from the city centre. We were greeted upon our arrival at Brighton station with our transport for the evening, which was supplied in the form of a giant yellow bus run entirely from chip oil! It even had the distinct smell of a chip shop as it drove away!

After a little socialising and a lot more drinking, the burgers were finally ready so we all scurried down to the patio grasping our plates hungrily. Typically, like the keen beans we are, James and myself were right at the front of the queue - hurrah!

The full menu for the evening was as follows:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Burgers with 'slaw & parsley
  • Vintage Cheddar Beef Burgers with bacon, mayo, relish & salad
  • Halloumi burger with red pepper, houmous, aubergine, lettuce & tomato
  • Mushroom Burgers with guacamole, mozzarella cheese, rosemary, tomatoes& rocket
  • Lemon & honey sea bass
  • BBQ-ed salmon with cucumber yoghurt
  • And desert was Eton mess or fruit salad

Just writing that is making me HUUUUNNN-GRY again! Luckily, we're eating burgers for dinner tonight - YES! We opted for a traditional vintage cheddar beef burger with all of the toppings to begin with, which was absolutely mouth-watering! Our second round of burgers consisted of the pulled pork patty for James and a vegetarian option for myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the pulled pork option as I've tasted some pulled pork patties before, which just haven't cut it. But, ASDA's pulled pork patty was absolutely delicious!

All of the burgers that were served were created entirely from ASDA's own products, which are available here.
*All photos from Talented Talkers as I idiotically left my SD card at home - whoops!
Fish option at the #asdaMEATup#asdaMEATup burger menu
#asdaMEATup Pimm's
#asdaMEATup Eton Mess



  1. oh good lord it looks incredible! actually drooling at how delicious it looks! xx

  2. Oh my! This sounds like the most fabulous event! x



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