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10 November, 2015
Chroma Gel LED Lamp*: Beauty Hair Products (available here) // 1Step Gel Polish: Amazon

When it comes to painting my nails, I'm lazy. I also happen to possess the manicure skills of a six year old boy who is at the peak of a sugar rush. The polish ends up going as far up as my knuckles and has been known to find itself on my forehead. Being a girly girl is just not my forte, hence the reason I usually avoid beauty reviews on my blog.

When Beauty Hair Products offered me the chance to review the Chroma Gel LED Lamp, I'll admit I had to Google what on earth it was. I told you, I'm a beauty novice! After reading a little up on gel manicures and the fact they could last at least a fortnight, I was curious to give it a go. I have absolutely no patience when it comes to painting my nails; I can't deal with waiting an eternity for them to dry and then they're chipped by the next morning. Also, why is it you always need the toilet straight after you've painted your nails? JUST WHY?! It seemed like this gel polish could be the answer to all my manicure woes.

It was a lot easier than I had anticipated. After applying one coat of the 1Step Chroma Gel polish to my nails, I placed my hand under the lamp for 30 seconds. There is different time settings on the back of the lamp and you simply click whichever time setting you require. Once you place your hand into the lamp, the LED light comes on and the timer begins. It then switches off automatically after your desired time.

Once you've finished curing your first coat, apply a second and then put under the LED lamp for a further 60 seconds. Andddd voila, you are done! It's really as easy as that. With the Chroma 1Step Gel polish, there's no need to apply a base or top coat. Being an impatient so-and-so like myself who doesn't like faffing when it comes to painting my nails, this is could be the answer.

The only downfall is the price of the gel polishes which are usually between £15 - £17. As someone who doesn't usually pay anymore than £5 for a nail polish, this is a bit off-putting for me. However, if you compare this to the length of time your manicure will last with a gel polish in comparison to an ordinary drug store polish, it probably works out about the same for your money. If you don't mind investing a little, then the Chroma LED Gel Lamp and 1Step Gel polishes are definitely worth your time and money.


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