V I D E O | Figleaves Secret Santa Present Unboxing

27 November, 2015
Around a month ago, I was asked by Figleaves to take part in their Blogger Secret Santa campaign. Now, I LOVE Secret Santa; I love giving presents and I love receiving presents, so it's as simple as that! 

When it arrived I decided to film a super quick video of the unboxing without much preparation, hence the low-lighting and hugely out of focus video. Sorry about that, I'm a bit of a newbie at this video malarky! I'm investing in some lighting equipment, so it will get better... just bare with me a little longer! Also, I didn't even think to use my remote to focus. What a dick.

ANYWAY, sit back, chillax and grab some popcorn for five whole minutes of awkward waffling from none other than myself:

Also, you can read about the Blogger Secret Santa campaign, including interviews with myself and all of the other bloggers, over in Figleaves' digital magazine.


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