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30 November, 2015
Buying a gift for someone with a nomadic lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge as they tend to leave all material possessions behind in favour of seeing the world. With more and more people opting for the globe trotting lifestyle, I've put together a list of ideal gift ideas for the person that wants nothing else other than to go on the great adventure!

There's no better way to record globe-trotting adventures than with a simple pen and paper. This little travel journal set from IWOOT is perfect for either gender and has that lovely homemade feel about it. Make sure no traveller leaves home without a suitable journal to document EVERYTHING.

Wherever your traveller may be flying to, it's more than likely they'll need a pair of sunglasses. Ray Ban Wayfarers are a classic, iconic piece that actually suits any and every face shape! Sunglasses R Us have actually created a sunglasses buying guide, which proves pretty useful if you're buying sunnies for someone other than yourself.

A world map where you can scratch off the parts of the world you've visited! Every travelling fiend needs this in their life.

There is something charming about film photography and something even more 'in the moment' with instant photography. A budding traveller can develop their visual memories there and then, rather than waiting to find somewhere to develop their film which can be difficult in certain parts of the world. 

iPad Mini 2 32GB, John Lewis, £229:
An iPad mini is the perfect way for an adventurer to stay connected with the world back home. It can also prove a useful tool in finding hostels, booking flights, finding maps... the uses are endless! Also, the iPad mini is compact and light enough to carry around even if you're travelling all over the world! 

Eat, Drink & Be Cosy Hipflask, Urban Outfitters, £15:
Hip flasks are not just for sneaking alcohol into clubs to avoid paying overpriced cocktails behind the bar - we've all done it before! In fact, it can be quite handy for a traveller going on a trek for the day or just to keep in their pocket.

This book is a great little addition for those first time travellers wanting to learn hints and tips for those who have done it all before. Of course, we all learn the best from experience but a little friendly advice never hurt anyone.

Personalised Travel Notebook, Not On The High Street, £12.75
Another notebook suitable for any explorer, but this time it's an adorable personalised piece with their name on the front.

Sass & Belle Passport Holder, Amazon, £4.90
Passports can take a battering when they're carried through endless amounts of airports, so a passport holder is a great stocking filler that not only protects a passport, but keeps it looking pretty too!

Back Me Up Portable Phone Charger, Urban Outfitters, £35:
Whether you love or loathe the idea that smartphones are becoming essential in this digital age, they're also important to have with you at all times whilst travelling. Should there be an emergency where you need your phone to contact someone, especially during treks, it's important to make sure you always have something to keep your phone charged. Portable chargers are becoming a necessity in a traveller's kit and make an ideal present for someone who is about to embark on a global journey!


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