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12 November, 2015
Gold Hunter Wellies
Gold Hunter Wellies
Jacket*: Superdry // Jumper: Forever 21 // Wellies: Hunter Boots

For a lot of people wellies are strictly for festivals, farm work and walking the dog. However, when you've got a pair of Hunter wellington boots, you might want to show them off a little more often! If you pay around £80 for some footwear, they deserve to be showcased more than once a year.

Let's face it. Wellington boots are practical, especially if you live in the UK, where it rains around 98% of the time. Now, I am without a doubt the queen of impractical winter boots considering a large percentage of them are either velvet, suede or have a ridiculously high, 70's platform. Sadly, due to the British weather most of the time my collection of kick-ass yet impractical boots are left at the back of the wardrobe in favour of reaching for the same old black, leather ankle boots. With only a singular footwear option for when the heavens open, it got me thinking how I could possibly style up a pair of vibrant, metallic gold wellington boots for day-to-day wear.

For once I decided to keep it simple when styling the wellies and threw on a pair of black jeans *shock horror*, but decided to balance out the vibrant gold with this similar coloured mustard, roll neck jumper. I think they key is to keep a basic palette when styling a slightly eccentric pair of wellies. What do you think?

Gold Hunter Wellies



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