H A I R | The Hair Growth Diaries is BACK!

29 January, 2016

A large percentage of my time is spent moaning about the snail pace at which my hair grows or doesn't grow. It gets to a point just above my boobs and it JUST STOPS. It's infuriating, especially when I have a younger sister whose hair sits at her hip bones. Seriously, why was I not born with the hair growth genes? She's got plenty to share.

I started a series named 'The Hair Growth Diaries' a few years ago that I never continued with. I only trialled Alpecin Caffeine shampoo, which worked incredibly well but ruined the condition of my mane. My intention was to trial all of the hair growth remedies out there to determine what was no more than an old wive's tale and what actually worked. My hair still sits at that awkward length beneath my collar bone, so I'm bringing The Hair Growth Diaries back.

I've compiled a list of remedies and hair care products to try on my hair growth journey that includes: Hairburst supplements, Sea Kelp, eating jelly cubes, hair growth shampoos, head massages and other home concoctions and potions with natural ingredients.

As well as those willing their hair to grow into mermaid locks, I believe the series could also be useful for those experiencing hair loss

Have you tried or heard of any hair growth remedies I can put to the test? Maybe you'll join me on this mermaid locks journey?


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