My name is Leigh (pronounced L-EEEEEE, before you ask) and this is my little corner of the internet to chat about whatever the hell I feel like. I'm a twenty-something Londoner working in the world of digital marketing by day and by night, I run Fox & Feather.

Fox & Feather initially began back in 2012 as a vintage & secondhand fashion blog that was run as a side project during my university years. Whilst I studied Illustration at art school, I also had a love for all things vintage and thrifting, especially when it came to clothes. Back in those days, I'd balance my Macbook on the back of my sofa, whack open Photobooth and shoot my latest charity shop finds on timer against a white wall in my student flat. It wasn't exactly the most glamorous or professional content creation but it acted as the foundation of Fox & Feather today. In fact, if you've got some spare time you can take a look through the archives of this blog and find tons of blog posts of me in my early twenties pouting moodily at the camera in some sort of vintage floral get-up.

Since then, Fox & Feather has developed beyond from a strictly personal style blog to something of a multi-genre blog with a strong emphasis on budget travel, vegan food, London lifestyle and secondhand garms.

If you want to work with me or just have a chat: leighttravers@gmail.com

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