Review | Mala Carne, Glasgow

08 June, 2019
Vegan brunch at Mala Carne in Glasgow

Glasgow is well-known as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the UK.  Last month, I found myself with a free morning after the Paisley Food & Drink Festival, so I decided to make the most of my time and check out some of the plant-based options that the Glaswegians had to offer. After a long day boozing at the festival, we dragged ourselves out of our hotel bed and into town in search of a hearty vegan brunch. After a quick Google search, we settled upon a little vegetarian café named Mala Carne located south of the city in Mount Florida, nearby to the National Stadium.

Review | The Owl & Hitchhiker, Islington

06 June, 2019
Vegan food menu from the Owl & Hitchhiker, Holloway

The Owl & Hitchhiker is a pub situated on Holloway Road and was recently awarded the "Best Pub In North London" by DesignMyNight. Despite having been a local north London resident for a few years, I'd never frequented it and with a multitude of pubs on my doorstep, I had never really been too bothered about visiting. Then a couple of months ago, they released a very vegan-heavy food menu that reflected its sister pub, The Birds in Leytonstone – and it was definitely then that my interest was perked and I began to nag people to come with me to check it out!

Four Reasons Why You Should Visit Paisley Food & Drink Festival

04 June, 2019
Paisley Food & Drinks Festival 2019

Disclaimer: This post is part of a collaboration with and my trip was covered by them in return for this blog post.

Last month, thousands descended upon a humble, cobble-stoned Scottish town named Paisley to celebrate everything food and drink as part of the annual Paisley Food & Drink Festival and I was one of them.  In case you didn't know, Paisley is a relatively large town located just a 15 minute drive outside of Glasgow and is steeped in history, which is rather telling from its rich, beautiful architecture. The most striking of Paisley's architectural legacy is the grandeur Paisley Abbey, which stands prominently over the town and acts as the centrepiece of the food and drink festival, which takes place in the grounds of the Abbey.

Review | Memories of Fools at CHAMÄLEON Theatre, Berlin

07 April, 2019
Review of Memories of Fools at the CHAMÄLEON theatre

The CHAMÄLEON Theatre in Berlin has become "home from home"; every six months or so, they're kind enough to fly me out to their home city to review their latest show and it's honestly one of the highlights of my year, every single year. This year, the CHAMÄLEON celebrate their 15th anniversary and are kicking off the season with their brand new show, Memories of Fools, by Czech contemporary circus production company, Cirk La Putyka.

I've gushed about the setting and the decor of the CHAMÄLEON Theatre before in my previous reviews (you can take a look through my previous Berlin blog posts here), but you betcha that I'm gonna gush again – the CHAMÄLEON Theatre is beeeeaaauuutttifffuuull! The theatre is nestled within the Hackesche Höfe courtyards and boasts a grandeur yet an intimate space with small tables dotted around in front of the stage. Sweeping red velvet curtains adorn the stage and the former ballroom oozes with charm in the candlelight. It's clear from the moment you waltz into the theatre, that you've discovered one of Berlin's best kept secrets – it truly is magnificent! Whilst we were lucky enough to be sat in the front row, it's safe to say that you're likely to have a clear view no matter where you're seated in the audience.

Is it Worth Investing In A Berlin Welcome Card?

28 February, 2019

As you may or may not know, I'm a frequent traveller to Germany's capital city: Berlin. It's no secret that I adore the vibrant city that oozes an infectious atmosphere as its bursting with culture, trailblazing architecture, extensive vegan food options, flamboyant street art, weekend-long parties and its evident history. I tend to frequent the city at least twice a year and in that time I've got quite familiar with it and I've used the Berlin Welcome Card during most of my trips, but is it worth the investment?
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