Alternative Things To Do In Berlin

10 September, 2019
Alternative Things To Do In Berlin

Berlin is likely one of the most 'alternative' cities in Europe and there's a plethora of unique and quirky activities to discover across the city so writing a guide of alternative things to do in the city may seem a little ironic. However, I've been lucky enough to visit the German capital quite a lot of the past few years and I'll never tire of it, so I've pieced together a few of my favourite 'off-the-beaten-track' activities that are a far cry from the usual tourist checklist (Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, etc.) that will make you fall in love with this creative and effervescent city.

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: Tempelhof Feld

Hire a skateboard and head to Berlin's abandoned airport turned public park, Tempelhof.

Tempelhof is a disused airport in the middle of Berlin that has been transformed into a public park. In fact, the airport's main structure was once one of the largest structures in Europe and had been crowned the "mother of all airports" and has been used multiple times as a movie set. 

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: Tempelhof Feld

Whilst the building itself and the area closest to it has been transformed into a refugee camp and cannot be accessed by the general public, the 386-hectare open space beyond hosts a six-kilometre cycling, skating and jogging trail, a 2.5-hectare BBQ area, three fenced, dog-walking fields and plenty of open space to picnic. There's even an urban gardening section where locals grow various vegetables in the raised beds.

Located just a few minutes walk from Tempelhof is hase, an affordable, independently-owned store where you can rent or buy anything from skateboards, longboards, frisbees, barbecues, music instruments, analog cameras & much more! I recommend hiring a skateboard or a longboard and cruising along the long stretches of tarmac that were once runways for planes. Half a day's rental last time I was in Berlin was just 5€.

Location: Tempelhofer Damm, 12101 Berlin, Germany
Nearest stations: Boddinstraße, Bhf Paradestraße, Berlin-Tempelhof or Leinestraße

Check out The Ramones museum.

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: The Ramones Museum

The Kreuzberg district of Berlin boasts a plethora of punk-rock history so it seems only fitting that a museum dedicated to New York punk band, The Ramones, has made its home there. The museum itself is one-of-a-kind and was founded by music journalist and fan, Flo Hayler, who has collected over 1,000 pieces of Ramones-related memorabilia over the years and set up this humble museums of his finds over the years.

Now, I'm not necessarily a huge fan of The Ramones themselves but as a music history fan, I found this museum fascinating and found myself getting lost for amongst the overwhelmingly huge collection. Entry is just €4.50 or €6 with a beer or glass of wine, but you'll be given a pin badge guaranteeing you lifetime entry to the museum if you remember to bring the pin badge back. I swing by the Ramones museum every time I'm in the city now, even if it's just for a beer in the cafe where you can sit below the 'Wall of Fame' that's been signed by all the famous artists and bands that have visited the museum over the years.

Read my lengthier rundown of The Ramones Museum here.

Location: Oberbaumstraße 5, 10997 Berlin, Germany
Nearest station: U-Bahn Schlesisches Tor

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: YAAM (Young and African Arts Market)

Grab a beer at YAAM.

YAAM (Young and African Arts Market) is one of Berlin's urban man-made beach clubs and has been a prominent part of Berlin for the last 15 years. Located upon the banks of the River Spree, YAAM is home to an assortment of food trucks, bars, pop-up independent stalls, street art, art exhibitions, table tennis and much more. 

It's a good place to wander around in the day with a drink in one hand and food in another from one of the vendors, exploring and relaxing before the party really starts to kick off in the evening. YAAM is one of the last dancehall, reggae and hip-hop venues in the city and hosts a number of events with well-known DJs across the globe.

Location: YAAM, An der Schillingbrücke 3, 10243 Berlin, Germany
Nearest station: S-Bahn Ostbahnhof

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: YAAM (Young and African Arts Market)

Join in with karaoke at Mauerpark flea market.

Every Sunday, Mauerpark is taken over with independent and secondhand sellers for one of the biggest flea markets in Berlin. As if rummaging through a barrage of secondhand treasures with a bratwurst in hand wasn't enough fun, throughout the summer the park also plays host to Bearpit Karaoke during the summer months. 

Let's face it, karaoke is often associated with cramped booths or drunken bars – but have you ever belted out a classic on a Sunday afternoon in a park's amphitheatre surrounded by strangers? That's exactly what Bearpit Karaoke is all about – Berlin takes karaoke and makes it al fresco! Berlin's Bearpit Karaoke was originally born in 2009 thanks to a man named Joe Hatchiban who has travelled around with his battery-powered speakers in his pocket and now every Sunday, Berliners flock to the amphitheatre in Mauerpark to watch various strangers howl their favourite songs to a huge audience.

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: Mauerpark Flea Market

Make sure to wander around the huge flea market beforehand, although you may find yourself wanting to bring home more than you can fit in your luggage! Most stores in Berlin are closed on a Sunday, so it's the perfect place to while away your time before karaoke.
Keep up-to-date with Bearpit Karaoke news and potential cancellations over on their Twitter account here.

Location: Mauerpark, Gleimstraße 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Nearest station: U-Bahn Eberswalder Straße

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: Chamaeleon Theatre

Catch a new circus show at CHAMÄLEON theatre

If you're looking to while away your evening in the German capital, be sure to check out what's showing at the CHAMÄLEON theatre located within the Hackesche Höfe courtyards. This beuatiful theatre boasts a beautiful art nouveau style that was constructed in 1906 but was renovated after a few years of neglect in 2006 to become the beloved CHAMÄLEON theatre that it is today.

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin: Chamaeleon Theatre

The CHAMÄLEON is renowned for its dazzling new circus shows that consistently have the audience on the edge of their seats and biting their nails. Every season (bi-annually) the theatre welcomes a new production company to take over their stage and captivates the crowd with a mixture of drama, acrobatics, comedy, music and much more with their shows. Whether you're a theatre buff or not, I can guarantee that you'll come away from a show at the CHAMÄLEON absolutely spellbound.

Read my previous reviews of shows at the CHAMÄLEON here.

Location: Rosenthaler Str. 40/41, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Nearest station: S-Bahn Hackescher Markt

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