Chambers_ at Gingerline: An Immersive, Top Secret Dining Experience in London

27 August, 2019
Chambers_ by Gingerline review

Disclaimer: I was invited to experience Chambers_ at Gingerline as press, but all words and opinions are honest and my own.

Immersive theatre is something I've definitely dabbled in before, but immersive dining? Definitely not. Gingerline are at the forefront of London's immersive dining scene, allowing the city-dwellers to escape the norm and the hustle and bustle of the city to experience something quite extraordinary whilst tucking into some decent grub along the way. It's a completely wacky concept but it works wonderfully for the more adventurous amongst us. Chambers_ is the fourth adventure in Gingerline's journey and it's already amassed a cult following as the first month's preview tickets sold out within just two days!

The key to Gingerline's experiences is that everything is kept a complete secret, from the menu to the setting and even the location itself. You'll receive a text approximately an hour before you're due to embark on your journey with instructions leading you to the exact, remote location of the Chambers_ experience. Believe me, the location is so remote, there's no way that you'll chance across it without those instructions.

Chambers_ by Gingerline review. Photo credit: Rob Greig
Photo credit: Rob Greig

Without giving too much away, you'll be guided through a multitude of 'multi-verses' as culinary cartographers with each multi-verse completely different from the next. It's a shambolic melting pot of adventure where you'll be in awe as you stumble into the next room that is completely juxtaposed to the previous one. The entire experience feels almost like one huge, chaotic hallucinatory trip led by the charismatic performers amongst their otherworldly backdrops.

Food is definitely not an afterthought to the theatricals and every dish is cleverly executed to suit the theme. Throughout the five courses, all of the dishes are both creative and flavoursome. However, it's best to go into Chambers_ with a completely open mind and an adventurous palate as the menu is a complete surprise and you won't know what you're eating until it's served. Gingerline are completely accommodating to any dietary preferences or allergies and can adapt your menu as long you let them know in advance when booking. The only issue that I personally had with the food is that at some points I felt rushed to finish my food in order to move onto the next 'multi-verse' and I'm not a particularly slow eater. Sometimes the dining experience can be a little awkward as it's not your traditional sit 'n' dine style dinner, but it all plays into the experience that you're embarking on. 

Some things to know before you go:
  • As I mentioned before, the menu is a secret until it's served to you. If you have any allergies or dietary preferences, do let them know beforehand so they can adapt your dishes to suit you needs.
  • Do not wear a dress – I received some info beforehand telling me to not wear heels because of the nature of the experience so I wore a maxi dress and flats thinking that I'd be safe. I wasn't. Due to moving through the multi-verses, I recommend wearing trousers, a jumpsuit or just something comfortable that you're able to move in because there will be a fair amount of crawling involved.
  • If you have mobility issues, let them know before you book. Again, due to the nature of moving through the multi-verses, there is a lot physical activity that you may not expect. If you do have concerns, speak to the team before and they'll be able to advise. 
  • Be open to immersing yourself and engaging with the performers. Whilst the performers didn't necessarily force participants to engage, you're bound to have a much better time if you do get involved.
  • Purchase your drinks in advance at the bar beforehand. Once you enter the multiverse, you will not be able to purchase drinks so be sure to purchase them at the bar before you enter and they'll be delivered to you.
  • Do not take photos and do not spoil the experience for future Gingerline-goers. Mum's the word and the surprise is part of what makes the experience itself!

Tickets are often released in batches as they sell out quickly. You can find out more info about the next release and book tickets over on the Chambers_ website here. Prices range from £55 - £75 per person. The tickets include 5 courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink all served by sister company Flavourology, over 120 minutes of exploration. You'll also find that by the end of the immersive experience that you can spend a lot longer at Chambers_ should you wish, but I'll leave that down to you to find out.

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  1. This sounds so interesting!! Deffo something I would love to experience - and you did a great job reviewing it without giving too much away


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