Fox & Feather, although started as a vintage personal style blog, now covers travel, food, lifestyle, art, festivals, music and much more, so I'm open to most opportunities. I run this blog completely independently part-time alongside my social media management day job, but still aim to post as frequently as possible. Fox & Feather has an ever-growing loyal readership across multiple platforms.

Product Reviews:

I do accept product reviews on Fox & Feather, but with careful consideration that the product will be suited to my blog and the interest of my readers. I will never accept a product that has no relevance to my blog or my readers. Due to the varied content across this blog, I'm open to most opportunities, so please feel free to shoot me an email - I don't bite! It's worth mentioning, I also retain the right to publish my honest opinion of the product or experience. I'm not a liar and have 100% honesty policy with my readers.

As well as product reviews in the past, I've taken part in style challenges and hosted giveaways in collaboration with other brands. If you have any other ideas for collaborations then get in contact, because I'm always interested in new ideas!

All sample items that have been gifted or sent to me for free are always marked with an * (asterisk), so they are easily identifiable that they were sent for review purposes.

Sponsored Posts:

I consider sponsored blog posts on my blog, so long as the product or company is once again suited to my blog and my readers. I do however refuse to accept a sponsored post that is written by a third party. The content of Fox & Feather is entirely written and composed by myself, so I always ask that I write an article for any sponsored post. If a post is sponsored it will be noted underneath with an * (asterisk).

If you're interested in collaborating with Fox & Feather, advertising or have an queries just contact me by email:
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