Vintage Haul #1

13 November, 2011

1. Christmas Fair Isle Jumper, 2. Floral Patterned Jumper, 3. Waistcoat, 4. Floral, Asymmetrical Blouse, 5. Tapestry Waistcoat, 6. Red, Satin Contrast Blouse

Like I promised yesterday, I've composed a vintage haul post of a few purchases from vintage & charity shops. This is only a fraction of the massive pile of clothes I still need to photograph, so I've decided to do it in parts rather than one massive blog post. I'm considering making it into a weekly or fortnightly installment. What do you think?

I adore the two jumpers (1 & 2), however I have an infinite amount of vintage jumpers (they are my biggest weakness!), so I'm actually putting these two beauties up on eBay tonight, along with a few other bits and bobs I need to clear out. They're both perfect to wear on Christmas day!

This waistcoat (3) is so unusual. My original intention was to sell it but as I've started styling it, I've fallen in love with it too much to let it go! Rather than using it as a waistcoat, I've styled it as a top and I love how it works with my velvet skirt. It's really intricately woven and the colours are gorgeous as it is a mix of burgundy, navy, dark green and gold.

The floral blouse (4) has an asymmetrical hem which drops at the back, which is very flattering. I haven't put up the photograph here because I did not want to overload you with too many, so you'll have to take my word for it. The tapestry waistcoat (5) I think will be another keeper, as I'm loving using waistcoats as button-up tops.

I bought this red shirt (6) last week for £3 in a charity shop in Winchester and I adore it! The collar, sleeves and button have a contrasting satin, which I love on shirts. It's also a perfect fit as it's oversized without swamping me and it's longer than normal blouses, so it falls just beyond my bum, which means I can wear it with leggings. Winchester's charity shops never fail to deliver as there are so many and it is a rather wealthy area.

I'm currently working on some illustrations for the blog, so watch this space for a revamp coming soon!

(*EDIT Vintage goodies now on sale on my eBay (click here). Get bidding :D!)


  1. Ooh I love these!! My favourite have to be the jumpers (I am eagerly waiting on ebay) and the shirt :)
    Cait xxx

  2. I love all of these photos of you...I think you were possibly born to run a vintage boutique :) xx

  3. Hi Leigh!I'm glad I tumbled onto your blog!Really love ur style! (and your wall paper) :) I'm following you now and hope we can follow each other. :)

    Romiya Fashion Inspiration Blog

  4. Love all of these! Great finds!

  5. I'm such a massive fan of vintage and charity shop, so I've major envy here! You look amazing in that waistcoat and skirt combo! x


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