21 December, 2012

Leather Jacket*: c/o Vivilli // Disco Pants*: c/o Glamorous // "Evil" Crop Top: Crafted @ Republic, £5 // Shoes: New Look, £18

A little while back I lost my faithful, faux leather, bomber jacket that was a part of my life since I was around 16 years old due someone stealing it on a night out (bitch). I was absolutely heartbroken. However, like a little fateful angel Vivilli sent me an email asking if I would like to pick one of their jackets from their collection. Of course, I went for their faux, quilted leather jacket to replace my recent loss. It works so, so well with my new wine coloured disco pants that Glamorous were kind enough to send me. These are my first pair of disco pants by Glamorous and I'm thoroughly impressed! I'm the proud owner of a purple AA pair, which cost me an arm and a leg, but I've always been dubious of buying into disco pants by other brands. Although, the Glamorous pair are not as stiff as the AA ones, making them more like leggings than trousers, this also makes them a lot more comfortable! Perfect considering how many Christmas roast dinners I'm indulging in this month!

This crop was a nice, little bargain from a Republic Outlet store that I've recently discovered. They have all of their brands in there including American Apparel at a fraction of the price! This crop reminded me of a piece that could easily fit amongst Evil Twin's collection. This is a scheduled post, so hopefully we're not in the middle of fighting an apocalypse to end the world right now! If we are, then good luck!


  1. Awwww what a shame about your jacket lovey, but at least you have a nice new one. You look amazing in those trousers.

  2. Gorgeous outfit! You look great! Sad times about your jacket, but your new one is lovely! xxx

  3. Oh god I love the colour of these, I have the noir pair and they're the best! xx


  4. Love these disco pants thought red would be too bright
    But they look gorgeous
    S xx

  5. You look gorgeous, love the red disco pants!



  6. The Disco Pants look great in Red!


  7. Love the colour of the disco pants!


  8. that top would of been very apocolypse appropriate too...shame! Love the jacket & festive discos! x

  9. You look incredible! Those trousers are fantastic too (as is the whole outfit!)

    Emily Wears Things

  10. You look so cool! I love your disco pants, they're so gorgeous :) your leather jacket is so amazing, but it's still a shame about some taking your old one :(

    Pip x

  11. You look amazing! Have a lovely Christmas xo

  12. You look amazing Leigh! I'm so sorry to hear about your jacket, the amount of stuff I've lost over the years. Your disco pants look amazing! I would never have chosen the red pair but they look lovely and festive on you :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  13. love your outfit... great pictures!

  14. eep you look amazing.
    Ah that sucks, i think i would honestly cry if i lost my trusted leather jacket, so glad you got a new one x

  15. Some people are so nasty!!! I swear I get more envious over your hair by the day, the fake discos look really nice- amazing colour!! Hope you have a delightful Christmas xx

  16. you look absolutely banging in those leggings! I had my favourite leather jacket stolen last year too and i feel your heartbreak, this one is a beaut though. hope you had a lush christmas time - and happy new year <3

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  18. Those disco pants look amazing!! And I love your leather jacket, can't believe people steal things on nights out :(

    Hope you had a great Christmas!



  19. Love the outfit and love the disco pants!:D


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