A little life update

22 January, 2013

January has been a hectic month for myself as I've had six hand-ins for university over the past few weeks. YES, SIX! Then literally over the weekend it was my birthday so I was suitably celebrating with a few drinks and some dancing. The taste of freedom is sweet, but limited as I'll be back to struggling to reach deadlines again within a few weeks. Oh, the life of a third year! My deadline struggle was made a little better by the delivery of these beautiful roses thanks to Interflora flowers by post. I'm such a typical girl and get so overly excited at being bought roses and Interflora have a selection of beautiful Valentines gifts available.

Today, I'm planning to spend the day 'sorting my life' out (aka. I'll probably just tidy my room) and I'm hoping I'll get back into a good blogging routine soon enough. I haven't been able to share my January sales purchases with you just yet, so hopefully I'll do a haul post at some point this week but brace yourselves because there is a lot! I've had a few exciting opportunities come my way these past few weeks also which I cannot wait to share with you! If you are interested in keeping up to date with my illustration work you can follow my illustration Tumblr account here. I've started to post a lot of my work in progress because I personally love watching the process of a drawing take shape.


  1. Those roses are beautiful! Lucky girl xx

  2. awwwawww them roses are gorgeous.
    hope your feeling better soon,I know the stress of getting work handed in,it's a nightmare.

    x x x

  3. Glad youve got all your work handed in and finished, you an breatheeee now haha



  4. I love roses and they're gorgeous, you're lucky receiving them :) xxx


  5. Hope you had a good birthday and that you don't get too stressed! I'm in year ten so just starting GCSEs (they must seem pathetic to you haha) and even they are stressing me out!


  6. You're so lucky, I've seen so many bloggers being gifted with flowers from interflora. They're stunning aswell. xx


    p.s i'm currently hosting a giveaway for reaching 500 followers, you can win goodies such as laura mercier and lush. check it out if you'd like :)

  7. I had one of those days yesterday!
    And ahhh those flowers are gorgeous
    S xx

  8. Awwww they are so beautiful! What a gorgeous pick me up :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. Third year is rubbish but trust me you will get through it!
    Love your blog :)




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