Twenty Two Facts

12 February, 2013

There has suddenly been a surge in the list of personal facts posts floating around the blogosphere as of recent. I've decided to take a running jump onto the bandwagon as I never, ever really even consider personal posts on this blog as it's primarily focused on style. However, I feel as if this is a good opportunity for readers to get to know me a little better with a list of twenty two facts (because I'm twenty two years old) about myself.

1. I'm not a natural redhead. A lot of people find this hard to believe because of my complexion and freckles, but I'm actually brunette. I've been dying my hair shades of ginger since I was 17 years old.
2. I have a scar on my forehead (which I refer to as my 'Harry Potter scar') from when I required stitches at 3 years old after getting knocked down by a bike.
3. I have an irrational fear of stickers. Especially ones with fluff and dirt stuck all over the back of them.
4. I'm from the town where "The Only Way Is Essex" is filmed. Ultimate cringe.
5. I'm obsessed with the 1960's - early 70's era and lifestyle. I'm constantly told I was born into the wrong decade.
6. I'm a natural born escapist. I manage to lose myself in film, novels and my imagination.
7. I wish I was best friends with Beyonce. I wish I was Beyonce.
8. I'm a Godmother to my beautiful younger cousin.
9. I'm on a constant mission to grow my hair to my belly button. I'm pretty much taking every remedy under the sun.
10. Glastonbury Festival is my favourite place on Earth and this year will be my third time there.
11. I've changed so much for the better in the past year. I don't think I've ever been this happy.
12. I regularly suffer from sleep paralysis in where I have terrifying hallucinogenic experiences. Despite this I really do love to sleep.
13. One day, my dream is to open my own vintage clothing and record store in Brighton whilst freelance illustrating on the side.
14. I'm always cold.
15. I've been preparing for a potential zombie apocalypse for years and would like to think I'm in with a fighting chance. Unless they're running zombies. If they're running zombies I'm royally screwed.
16. I have two tattoos, which are rarely exposed.
17. I really love horror & sci-fi movies. I love 80's B-Movies even more so.
18. I would like to live in New York, even though I've never even visited.
19. I fancy Gael Garcia Bernal. A lot.
20. I don't think people realise how much a part of my life music is. I would rather be at a live show or festival than a beach in Barbados.
21. I've never been to Thorpe Park, which people seem to find horrifying.
22. If I won the lottery the first thing I would buy is a Vespa.

There we go! Believe it or not I actually struggling to come up with twenty two facts about myself. I'm starting to wonder if I'm that much of a boring person?!


  1. I'm permanently cold too! So annoying. I haven't been to thorpe park either.....doesn't really appeal?!?!

    Really interesting facts :)

  2. I love the 70s too! My housemate is absolutely terrified of zombies and also has a plan for apocalypse and regularly updates us of what to do haha. If you find any working remedies for hair growth, hit a sister up! Although i haven't put heat on my hair this year so far and it's made a small difference! xx

  3. Love these posts
    Really allows readers to get the blogger a little better
    S xx

  4. Thorpe park really isn't that amazing...don't think you're missing out too much! I have almost no imagination so I'm really jealous of people like you who have a very vivid one! x

  5. Great post. I have Narcolepsy which is a sleep disorder & sometimes i get sleep paralysis. Its not a fun thing. Feel free to check out my blog. I did 25 facts about me.

  6. Love these posts. Agreed, I'd much rather be at a festival than a sunny holiday abroad. Hence why all my friends are going to Zante and I'm going to Leeds. Haha

  7. It was great getting to know you more! I'm always cold too and you would be amazing at running your own vintage shop!

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  8. when i was dying my hair ginger people never believed me its fake as well , and i have freckles and a "skin of a ginger person" but was born brunette :)

  9. I love all these posts! So interesting. I've never had sleep paralysis but my brother has and what he explains is just terrifying... like the sensation of being carried out his bed or men standing in the hallway watching him sleep... eek it gives me the shivers! I hope you don't suffer too regularly you poor thing!

    Your dream of opening a store made me smile, my dream too!

    Dayner x UK Fashion, Lifestyle & Jewellery blog -

  10. This was genuinely interesting! :)
    Your dream clothes/record shop sounds amazing.

    Good Morning Angel.

  11. love these sort of posts!! x

    Please check out my Topshop/Miss Selfridge Jewelry giveaway x

  12. When I'm in England, I'm always cold. When I'm in Nigeria, I'm always hot. The weather and my body just never agree with each other anywhere I go!
    Sleep paralysis is the scariest thing ever.

    I love this post.

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  13. I keep meaning to do one of these but I don't know if I'm all that interesting!
    Loved reading yours :)

    Rosie x

  14. I love these types of posts! I'm the opposite, I'm always too warm :)

  15. I have a friend with a phobia of stickers also, I found this out the bad way when I stuck one on her in the pub years ago. :/

  16. I love Beyoce too, she is a proper woman!and yes Gael Garcia Bernal is hot! x

  17. It is hard isn't it! Your facts are brill though, lots of stuff I didn't know about you! Like tatts?! Did I know that? I hide mine too, time and a place etc etc. Oh and if you have any hair growing remedies you'd like to share, send 'em my way xxx

  18. oh my god! were scarily similar... xx


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