A Holiday Wardrobe Wishlist

30 April, 2013
Urban Outfitters Bohemian Holiday Wish List

Although I haven't 100% booked my summer holiday just yet, a week long trip to Portugal with my housemates is definitely on the cards. It's been years since I've been on a beach holiday, so I've been getting overly excited about my holiday wardrobe. Of course, there's also been the panic of acquiring a beach body, hence my recent dedication to the gym. We're not actually planning to fly out until mid September but I've been eying up a few pieces at work that I'll most definitely want in my suitcase. I've become a bit of an Urban Outfitters snob in some aspects, but it's become that only place I shop now other than charity shops.

001. This patterned Minkpink "Maya" smock dress is identical in shape to my beloved Scorpio Rising dress I bought last summer. The Scorpio Rising dress is actually one of my most worn dresses in my wardrobe, so it would make sense to own another one with a slightly different pattern. It would be perfect on holiday to simply throw over a bikini before hitting the beach.

002. Just how incredible and 50's glam are these cat eye sunnies?! They would be perfect paired with the high-waisted bikini I've also picked out in the following image.

003. In all honesty the thought of a bikini terrifies me more than anything. Even more than my irrational fear of stickers. On holidays in the past I've always worn shorts over my bikini bottoms because I'm horribly self conscious of my bottom half. However, hopefully this year I will conquer that ultimate fear with the help of this retro-inspired, halterneck bikini. I'm hoping the higher waistband will help me feel a little more comfortable as I take the plunge into bikini territory. Ideally, I would also love to have all year round perfect pins without the worry of slipping into a bikini, and I have found somewhere that offers laser hair removal treatment in Southampton, which would mean not worrying about pre-holiday leg waxing ever again!

004. As soon as I spotted this bag come into store, I decided I must own it. It's a little pricey at £65 but the detail is so intricate and beautiful, so it is worth the money. It's also an ideal size for a little trip to the beach, plus it seems to go perfectly with everything else I've picked in this wishlist!

005. I know I shouldn't even be contemplating a £110 pair of shorts, but oh my god these are my idea of the perfect pair of shorts! I only wish they were a little more high-waisted, because higher waistbands are always so much more flattering on the figure. Someone be a darling and treat me?

006. Finally, this patchwork blazer is ideal to throw over an outfit in the slightly chillier evenings to grab some dinner. It's also suited to the red theme I seem to have unintentionally conjured up in this wishlist. Maybe red will be my colour this season?

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  1. Aaah I am going to Portugal the first week of June! This is basically my holiday wishlist too (I'm desperate for a one-piece swimsuit though) but I've promised myself no naughty spends.. I'd rather eat while I'm on holiday.

  2. Oh wow such cute items!!
    That bikini is gorgeous
    S xx

  3. That bikini is too cute for words. Need!



  4. I loveee the bikini ahh I want it! :D I love how all of these pieces are aztec print I love aztec print! :)
    Sofia x

  5. I love that kind of pattern. ;) Looks very fashionable! I have to buy a few pieces like that!!


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  6. All of these patterns are so pretty! I love the decoration on the bag but the patchwork blazer is just perfection.

  7. girrrl you look so purrrdy! making me wanna go to the seaside! x


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