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13 January, 2014

Fedora: H&M, £12.99
Gilet: Primark, £18
Top*: c/o Surfdome
Bag*: c/o Nica
Jeans: Primark, £12
Necklace: Matalan, £2
Watch: Michael Kors
Boots: Topshop Allegras (old), £75

This week is the first week since May I've gone back down to part-time hours before I return to university to finish off my degree! I must say the feeling of knowing I have a whole five days off in a row is absolute bliss, although I'm already at a complete loss with what to do with myself! I suppose compiling some research towards my final major project might be a start! I have to apologise for this faux fur gilet repeatedly appearing in my outfit posts and the same goes with the fedora! I just can't help but always throw them on as they work so well together. Also, the fedora helps to hide my roots which I'm attempting to grow out but are currently at that annoyingly awkward length where it just looks horrid. I keep telling myself to persevere rather than reach for a box of dye!

This incredible, psychedelic pansy print cropped number is a little gifted Minkpink top from Surfdome. I could tell you time and time and again that Minkpink is my favourite brand and a large percentage of my wardrobe is Minkpink! If you check this page you can see that Surfdome have a whole host of Minkpink tops available! I just love the black contrast jersey sleeves against the vibrant, optical illusion printed silk panel of the top. Not only does Surfdome.com stock Minkpink but a host of other brands such as Religion, Vans, Superdry, Joules and The North Face. Well worth checking out!

I'm also sporting my new, beloved Nica 'Sara' satchel that was sent to me that you may have read about in my previous blog post. I adore the embossed Art Nouveau print on the leather like material as it really makes it that extra special from the standard satchel. I really loved these £12 skinny high-waisted jeans from Primark when I first purchased them as they were exact replicas of a Topshop pair at a fraction of the price. However, after just one wash they've gone horribly baggy. I know this happens to a lot of jeans and for £12 I really should not complain, but I'm a bit annoyed. It's probably time that I invested in a pair of Dr. Denim Plenty Jeans, which I've been eying up at work. Also, if your ears need a re-fresh you can stream Warpaint's new album a week early through The Guardian's website here. I've listened to it three times already today, so I'm definitely a fan! What do you think?


  1. Love this outfit! You look awesome Leigh, that tee is so pretty! x


  2. I love this! That bag is so adorable xo

  3. Cute outfit, love the bag. adorable.



  4. I love the print on your top! I always love the look of Minkpink stuff but I've never invested in anything of theirs'. Maybe I should soon!


  5. Love the print top! The colours are a lovely touch.
    Also love the fur gilet.


  6. If only I didn't have such a pea sized head then fedora would maybe look as nice on me as they do on you! I love the print of the top as well such nice colours for winter, I do like having a little ponder through surfdome website xx


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