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29 April, 2014

Jump back six months ago I had not worn a watch on my wrist since the elasticated one with a Tigger motif on the face had graced my wrist at around 10 years old. Watches had never interested me. After all, they were just another expensive item of jewellery for me to lose, which happens more often than not. Then at Christmas I was given a Michael Kors rose gold, oversized chronograph watch which has not left my wrist since December. Surprisingly, I've looked after it well without losing it too!

Olivia Burton watches actually happened to catch my attention back in December as their delicate, feminine, vintage-inspired designs won my heart. They have a variety of very traditional, British-influenced watches with a selection of unique designs. What I've come to associate most with Olivia Burton designs is their animal and butterfly motifs that feature on a few of their watches faces. I feel as the brand grow this will become such a cult image for them making them easily distinguishable against other time pieces! I've picked out a few of my favourite designs above. Everyone know I cannot resist a paisley print and the paisley watch face gives it a 70's vibe, whilst not being too garish. OB watches also offer a lot of rose gold options, which happens to be my favourite metal concerning jewellery. Their oversized dial, mink and rose gold number is a little more classic (second top row), however my ultimate favourite has the be the rose gold and powder blue (second bottom row) as powder blue is my favourite shade this season. Also, there's just something perfect about the combination of a dusty blue and rose gold; they sit together gorgeously.

What do you think of Olivia Burton watches?

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  1. I love the face of the third one! So pretty


  2. I hadn't seen that first floral one before! The paisley was the top of my list but I think I've changed my mind now <3

    Megan / pixiecrop.com

  3. love love the top left! x



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