R E V I E W | Damaris Mimi Holiday Silk Bra

15 June, 2014

Bra*: c/o Damaris Mimi Holliday (available here

I'm handling a bit of a taboo subject when it comes to blogging here. In fact, I've blogged about lingerie before but never have I been sent lingerie for review. I've been dubious even whether to post these photos as I'm not the most confident lady when it comes to these things, but I believe to give an honest review surely it would be better to see the bra on - however I do understand there is a fine line between tasteful and tacky. Hopefully I've managed to achieve the first!

When it comes to underwear I'm a little scruffy. If I had my way and a bank account to fund it I'd have a lingerie cabinet lined with drawers to resemble Boux Avenue. Unfortunately my bank balance will only stretch to fund as far as H&M and New Look (who are pretty damn good at pretty undies if I do say so!). As you can imagine it was a treat to be gifted this lace, padded, luxury bra which you can find here. As I'm not particularly blessed with the biggest bosoms in the world I opted for a padded version. I usually hate padded bras that are uncomfortable and feel the necessity to make you look 3 cup sizes bigger. I'm not interested in making my chest look any bigger as I'm quite a fan of being smaller chested and hate how unnatural a lot of padded bras can look. I literally live in non-wired, triangle bras! However, this Mimi Holliday number only has a minimal amount of padding just to create enough shape, which is perfect underneath for t-shirts or blouses. It's quickly become my favourite bra and makes everyday a little better when I know I'm wearing it!



  1. Not tacky at all, you look gorgeous! Love the bra so much, it's beautiful!


  2. It's a lovely bra and not tacky in the slightest. You said you're a fan of triangle bras and I was wondering if you could do a post on where you get yours because when I look for some I usually only find ones that are really expensive, thanks :) xx

  3. Super jealous of your figure - having bigger boobs can be such a faff! I dream of triangle bras, maybe after I've popped out a kid ha! You look so lovely (and brave), it really suits your skin tone :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  4. You have such an awesome figure! And these photos are not tacky in the slightest, you look all demure!


  5. Beautiful, definitely tasteful and very pretty. I was asked to review some underwear and not sure but you might have just changed my mind on it, lovely photos xx



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