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04 July, 2014
Earlier this year in the lead up to my most recent travel trip I would not shut up on every blog post just how excited I was to visit Marrakech in Morocco. It was a country I had dreamt of visiting for years and then one day when my student loan finally arrived (late as always) I bit the bullet and booked flights with my housemate. Now, I'm not a particularly well-travelled person, so that trip has given me the travelling bug and I'm itching to explore the rest of the world! IHG Rewards are currently holding a competition in where you can one of five lucky winners to win one million (YES ONE MILLION!) rewards points to spend as you please!

The competition has led to me daydreaming about just what I would do if I was an 'IHG millionaire'. There's just so many places on my list I've got to admit it's hard to narrow down. Although I would love to return to Marrakech as soon as I could, I feel as if it might be points wasted as I want to explore a new territory; somewhere completely different to the United Kingdom! Beach and sunbathing holidays have never, ever appealed to me. I could think of nothing more boring or money wasting than lying around a pool all week! If I'm going to abroad I want to indulge myself entirely in the culture, see the sights and go on an adventure. If I acquire a tan whilst doing all of those things then I'm not going to complain either!

After a lot of fantasizing I decided I would first fly out to Bangkok, Thailand. It's seems like the top spot to head to right now and I'm curious to know what all of the fuss is about! As well as flights, IHG reward points can also be spent on hotel stays across the world so that would be covered too without a second thought. With some remaining points I would take a couple more flights across South East Asia to explore Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, China or India. I want to see them all, but I could make a spontaneous last minute decision in Bangkok to fly to whichever one takes my fancy at that moment! A girl can dream, right?

Not only are the reward points limited to flights and hotels but you can also spend them on added bonuses such as a case of wine for your visit (YES PLEASE), music downloads, shop vouchers, experience days and spa pamper days. The list is endless! Think of it like a luxury loyalty card. If you do want to enter the competition you can do so here. What would you spend your points on if you won with IHG Rewards?



  1. Wow! I'm so jealous! I would love to go travelling, I need to get a job at uni next year and start saving! I really want to go to Bangkok as well!

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  2. Wow
    www.independantartiste.blogspot.co.uk xo


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