L I N G E R I E | Stella McCartney Julia Stargazing Balconette Bra

06 August, 2014

Bra*: c/o Stella McCartney

Now when I took the dive into blogging about lingerie I knew it was a risk and a bit of a taboo amongst style blogging, but I'm not entirely sure why it is. It's just as important how we dress beneath our clothes as we do on top. After all a matching pair of luxury undies can definitely boost your self esteem and mood for the day. Wearing the right underwear also plays a huge part in how your outfit looks to the rest of the world too. Ill-fitting bras or pants can make or break your outfit - VPL* is not a desirable look ladies, but I'm sure you're aware of that!

High end designer Stella McCartney has a range of pretty yet practical lingerie. The Julia Stargazing bra particularly grabbed me by surprise as I'm usually a strictly black underwear kinda girl. This neon pink lace and satin combination just seemed a suitable pick for summer! The balconette shape is flattering on even smaller chests (like myself!) and the cups are ridiculously soft. Although Stella McCartney bras come in a higher price tag than the rest of the high street you can feel that you've invested in a luxury piece, so it's well worth those extra pounds to feel a million dollars.

* VPL: Visible Pants Line - picture the leggings worn as trousers look and you'll know exactly what I mean.


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