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13 August, 2014

The weather can’t seem to make up its mind lately; chilly in the morning changing into scorching by the afternoon. In any case, any hint of sunlight has me ready to sit in the park with some snack-y type foods for a bit of a picnic.

Naturally, food will be an important part of the picnic and will be carried in a classic looking picnic basket, but I’ve picked out this Fjallraven backpack for the other essentials like blankets, extra sun cream, games and the rest. Now what to wear? Something flowy and light should do the trick! Here I’ve picked out a gorgeous chiffon jacket, that’s giving a bit of a kimono vibe. The sundress is part of Kate Moss’ range for Topshop. As always, floral prints are pretty much everywhere this summer. A bit of extra protection from the sun is a must, so I’ve picked out this little straw hat from Hats and Caps and cute round sunnies. Birkenstocks are super comfortable and as I’m sure you’ve seen, totally in right now.

Now… what would you suggest for the menu?



  1. I adore this, that hat is just perfect! x


  2. The bag is so cool, loving the Birkenstock trend right now, they're sooo comfy x
    eleanor's adventures in wonderland

  3. love that hat AND the backpack! so cute!

    Hayley x



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