O U T F I T | London Fashion Week SS15 Day Three

22 September, 2014

Hat: ASOS (available here)
Dress: Vintage via Charity Shop
Boots: Vagabond (similar here)
Photos: Toni, Beyond Retro & Fran Zisk

I promise this is my third and final belated LFW outfit and then I will bore you no more with these posts I should have had up a week ago! I spotted this embroidered vintage dress in a local charity shop months ago and fell in love with it, but decided to leave it behind because I knew I would never have anywhere to wear something so extravagant in my my day-to-day routine. I mean I can't really see myself donning it on my morning commute on the packed out tube... or can I?! But seriously, no.

It was always there when I revisited the tiny, little shop and I picked it up every time before putting it back down again. Then one day whilst I was on the bus a few weeks ago I was desperately trying to conjure London Fashion Week outfits in my mind to no avail! All of a sudden I remembered the dress and took a detour on my journey to see if it was still there!

Luckily it was and I bought it for just £6! Although I feel a little like Henry VIII and as if I should be hosting a royal banquet in it, it is truly the dress of dreams!

Also, today my Day Two look at London Fashion Week was featured in this morning's Metro as a huge centre piece, which you can see here. Guys, I'm practically a poster!



  1. that dress is such a statement! bet you got photographed a lot xx

  2. I love your dress, It's eye catching to say the least. you look lovely by the way :)

    Jorden xx http://fourbluemondays.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. this dress is so beautiful! seriously such a amazing find, I love it!


  4. You're just an absolute beauty Leigh. You look incredible girl! x


  5. This is so gorgeous!
    S xx

  6. your dress is absolutely beautiful! xx

  7. Oh Leigh this is so beautiful! It's clearly fate you and this dress were destined to be together :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  8. I like how you styled the dress!



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