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18 September, 2014

Hat / Dress / Choker / Lipstick / Shoes

Now I've got to confess something to you. I'm a sucker for talent reality TV shows, if only for the first few weeks during the auditions stage! I mean what's better than ordering a takeaway on a Saturday night, cracking open a bottle of wine and watching a selection of people try to woo the judges with their 'talent' (obviously, there are some rare cases where those sarcastic quotation marks are not needed).

At the moment X-Factor is plastered all over our television screens every weekend and one of the most anticipated moments each show is just what will the female judges be wearing?! When Betfair challenged me to style up an outfit as if I were a judge I found it a little difficult! After all, I can't say that Cheryl's or Mel's style particularly apply to my own - I'm far from glamourous! I think I would dress it down just a little with this gorgeous Topshop Unique dress, which could be worn as a daytime dress but still has that air of luxury with it's golden tones. A classic fedora hat has almost become a signature look for me, so I couldn't not include one! Whilst a vampy lip colour is perfect for this transitional period, don't you think?

What would you wear if you were given the opportunity to judge the X-Factor?

*I was supplied with a voucher towards my next shopping trip to cover the cost of this outfit.



  1. I adore this look! That lip bullet looks gorgeous, and those shoes, my oh my, they're perfection! x


  2. I think I would wear something that Gaga would rock, to mark the spirits haha like when she arrived at the VMAs or something in a giant egg !



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