H A I R | Messy Half-Up Top Knot Tutorial with ghd

09 November, 2014

When ghd recently asked me to do a hair tutorial with their new rose gold styler I was pretty damn chuffed. In my eyes (and I'm sure a lot of others) ghd are the goddesses of the hair product world. My own original pair of stylers which I've had since I was 13 years old are still going strong. However, I couldn't say no to an upgrade in this gorgeous rose gold colour.

I was a little stumped when thinking about what I could possibly show as a hair tutorial as after all, I'm certainly no beauty blogger! In fact, most of the time I leave my hair natural, unbrushed and just let it do it's thing. However, when I had a think about what hair do I'm asked about most when I do make the extra 15 minutes effort in the morning it has to be the messy, half-up top knot.

To begin with brush your hair out as normal making sure all tangles, knots and hidden matted dreadlocks that have formed are long gone!

Using the end of a backcombing brush (or just a regular parting comb) make two partings on your head on each side and gather the hair on the top centre of your head all together and clip together away from the rest of your hair. We'll come back to this section that forms the top knot later.

Spritz your remaining hair with a heat protection spray. My all time favourite is the ghd Heat Protection Spray*. I was gutted when my previous one ran out a few weeks ago, but ghd came to the rescue just in time and replaced it with a new bottle for me!

Straighten the hair that isn't clipped; it's important to keep the top part of your hair unstraightened and messy to create as much volume as possible for the top knot.

Once you've finished straightening your hair, take the sectioned part on top and tie up into a high ponytail on top of the head so you resemble a member from a 90's girl band (see above).

Backcomb the shit out of that ponytail until you look a little something like this...

...And we're done! Only kidding.

Wrap the ponytail around itself until it forms a 'bun shape'. This usually takes me two or three go's to get it right, so be patient if it doesn't wrap around right the first time and try again. Once you've got it, don't let that bun go and secure with about 193838474 kirby grips. I usually spritz my hair with a bit of ultimate strength hair spray to ensure that top knot stays!

...And ta-da!

Let me know if you try a messy, half-up, top knot.



  1. Love this style! Shame my hair is wayyyy to short for it. Although it does still love to do the matted dreadlocks thing too : /



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