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14 January, 2015
Jacket: Missguided Sale (available here) // Dress: Zara Sale // Hat: ASOS (similar here) // Necklace: Forever 21 // Bag: Vintage // Boots: Office (old)

I'm really sorry, but I got a little snap happy with this post.

It's not often I can find so many photos in a batch that I'm actually half happy with to publish, but I just adore this outfit combination. 

I purchased this absolutely divine mismatched faux fur jacket from Missguided last week for just £12 in their sale! £12 - kerrrazzzyyy, right?! I have to thank super sasspot Robyn for tweeting the link to the jacket so I could spend £12 (I most definitely don't have this month) on it. I'm now going to be eating like a peasant all month; a nice way to kick-start the 2015 diet at least! There's still a few jackets available here, so nab one whilst you can because I doubt they'll be online for much longer!

This folk print, Woodstock vibin' dress was also a forbidden sale spend that I picked up in December from Zara for £19.99. Although I probably  definitely should not have bought it, I spotted it when it was full price months ago and pined over it then. I think if I had left it behind I would still be crying over it now and I AM NOT A PRETTY CRYER. Trust me. 

I keep telling myself I'll get plenty of wear out of it as it's such a versatile little dress. I can see myself floating around the hills of Glastonbury in it in a few months time.

These incredible, witchy, tapestry boots were hiding at the bottom of my wardrobe. Although originally from Office, I bought them WAAAYYY back in my first year of uni when I was fresh-faced with a student loan at my disposal to splurge on all of the shoes my shoe-shaped heart desired. Then, after being worn just the once... they were cast aside and thrown under a mountain of clothes. 

Now four years on, I've landed in the real world (without an injection of cash into my bank account every 4 months) and I've had to face the task of de-cluttering my wardrobe to pay my way. Upon the task of de-cluttering and sobbing as I list the past few years of my life on eBay, I discover little treasures like these boots that I just can't bring myself to part with. I mean, can you blame me?!



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