L I N G E R I E | Valentine's Shades of Burgundy

08 February, 2015
Underwear Set*: c/o House of Fraser

I'm not one of those anti-Valentines gals, nor am I one of those who squeals over every heart-shaped object that pops up in stores at the start of February. I'm a Valentines neutralist. I sit on the sickly sweet, pink-painted picket fence every February. I'm just okay with it... boyfriend or no boyfriend at the time. 

However, like every other girl I'm a sucker for a new set of lingerie and this time of year there is just so much choice that my tiny tits cannot contain their excitement for the sheer amount of silk and lace that dons every shop window. 

This year I was lucky enough to be treated to the perfect set by Marie Meili at House of Fraser just in time for Valentine's Day. Red lingerie can be a little garish for some (personally I love it!), but burgundy is the next best thing as a more subtle, sultry option. 

This delicious little set has the right amount of padding and uplift without being over the top and is more than appropriate for daily as well as evening wear. You can find the bra here and the knickers here (they're both now on sale too!).



  1. It looks like a great set, I love anything burgundy!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. I like red too! I think it's better for us paler girls :) Love this colour though, its "sexy" but still super cute xx


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