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27 March, 2015

Now, I'm a fussy so and so when it comes to jewellery.  I haven't even got set rules to what I would wear and wouldn't wear; I just know what I like and what I don't like. When JewelStreet contacted me to review a piece from their website I was expecting to trawl through pages of jewellery to find something I like. This was not the case as I drew up quite a large wish list.

JewelStreet plays host to a number of carefully selected, independent jewellery designers and boutiques. The choice is phenomenal as pricing ranges from as little as £20 up into thousands. It is essentially an online jewellery marketplace for sellers to showcase their products under one platform. It's definitely worth checking out whether you're looking to buy or you're a jewellery designers yourself looking to sell.

I decided to opt for this beautiful assorted, pearl bracelet by Bish Bosh Becca. I was drawn to the enchanting colours of the freshwater pearls and quartz stones. It's a piece that is perfectly in line with my own personal style and I've been reaching for it to add to my outfits almost every day.

What are your thoughts on JewelStreet and their selection?


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