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15 March, 2015
Jacket: Vintage via Charity Shop // Jumper*: c/o Sugarhill Boutique //
Hat: ASOS // Shirt (underneath): ASOS //
Skirt: Marc Jacobs // Boots: New Look

Where’s all mah suede sistas, lemme hear ya’ll flow sistas
Hey sista, go sista, suede sista, flow sista
Hey sista, go sista, suede sista, go sista...

Yes, I did just start this blog post with altered Lady Marmalade lyrics. I don't know whether to apologise or take a big ol' bow. You decide.

So, I spent my Saturday afternoon in a rather interesting and unconventional way. Amba Hotels hosted a pre-Mother's Day bath bomb & soap making workshop for a group of devilish bloggers that included myself. Unfortunately, I can't quite say I'm a natural in the artistry of bath bomb creation as you can see from my final result here *cringe*. I think I'll stick to purchasing my bath bomb needs from Lush rather than wreaking havoc at home. Despite my atrocious attempt and complete failure, it was still a pretty good afternoon.  After all there were burgers, cake and beer on offer which equals a very happy Leigh indeed!

There's no way you could NOT be happy in this fun ice lolly knit jumper from Sugarhill Boutique. I mean having a FAB lolly and it's pals splashed across your breasts may just be the answer to curing just about any type of blues you may incur. P.M.S.? ICE LOLLY BOOBS. Boyfriend dumped you? ICE LOLLY BOOBS. Stubbed ya toe? ICE LOLLY BOOBS. Someone's eaten your secret chocolate stash? ICE LOLLY BOOBS. On second thoughts, nothing can fix that latter problem.

I managed to nab myself this Marc Jacobs A-line skirt for a cheap and cheerful £15 from the holy grail itself, Depop, which is pretty bloody fantastic, don'tcha think? The 70's suede jacket was from a charity shop ofc, as my outfit always has to contain at least one chazza shop piece.



  1. Loving that suede jacket!! it is just the perfect length!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  2. I love this outfit, the jacket goes perfectly with the skirt!xx
    Holly x

  3. That jacket is perfection, you look fab Leigh x


  4. love the suede jacket!


  5. that jacket is an absolute DREAM!

    charlotte x

  6. that jacket is a dream! such a lovely find x

  7. this outfit makes me happy x

  8. Gorgeous, love the boots :) x


  9. OH MY SWEET LORD this is just too awesome! You look incredible Leigh, srsly gorge! x

  10. LOVE that jumper. And your skirt is lovely x


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