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13 April, 2015
Glastonbury Festival View

There's no festival on Earth (that I've yet encountered) that is quite like Glastonbury Festival

Located in the green depths of Somerset in a little quaint town called Pilton the festival sets the whole area a light for five days straight every June (apart from it's rest period every few years - the cows need their turf back don'tcha know?). I'm not overly experienced when it comes to festival experiences, but I've been to a fair share located within the UK. Glastonbury has a magic and aura about it that I haven't quite found anywhere else.

When and what is the ticket re-sale?

Now that time anticipated time is-a-creeping up on us all that may have missed out on tickets back in October. The Glastonbury ticket re-sale is about to commence. For those who for some reason or another have now decided to forfeit their tickets will now be re-sold, giving wannabe Glasto-goers a second pop at scoring themselves a place at Worthy Farm.

Coach package re-sale tickets will be up for grabs on Thursday 16th April, whilst standard festival tickets will be re-sold on Sunday 19th April.

If you've never attempted to nab yourself tickets to Glastonbury you'll know it can be an absolute nightmare.

What are the chances of getting a ticket in the re-sale?

I'm not going to pretend I'm a Glastonbury go-getting ticket wizard and I cannot promise that all of these tips and tricks will guarantee you a ticket.

Unfortunately there is no dead set certain way to score yourself a place at Worthy Farm, but I aim to pass on all the knowledge I have gathered over the years. I've had a few successful years and one not so successful year in where my Twitter following heard my wrath and distraught for months on end. However, upon looking back at that year I know exactly why getting a ticket was not in my favour and have since learned from it.

It's important to realise that only a tiny fraction of the tickets are re-sold in the spring compared to the initial sale in the autumn. But, this still doesn't mean it's impossible!

Glastonbury Festival Girl

How much £££ is the best festival ever (Glastonbury) gonna set me back?

Tickets are £220 + £5 booking fee, which is a pretty bog standard big name festival price. There's a small postage fee on top of this which is £7.50.  So in total, a neat £232.50.

Usually if you manage to score your tickets in the initial October sale you only have to put down a £50 deposit to secure your place before the line-up is announced. However, if you're looking to buy in the re-sale then you'll have to pay this fee all in one big hit. You can book up to 4 tickets per transaction, but make sure you have your pals' registration numbers and post codes at the ready as these are essential when booking tickets.

Also, it's important to point out that UK buyers can only purchase tickets on a debit card, NOT a credit card.

Preparation before the Glastonbury resale ticket scramble:

First thing's first, get the kettle on and a cup of coffee beside you as you are about to encounter the most stressful 30 minutes of your entire life. In fact, leave the coffee. Pour yourself a glass of wine. 9am?! Who cares? Plus, dependent on whether you get your tickets or not you can celebrate or drown your sorrows all before breakfast on a Sunday *high-five*!

Have your set-up GET GLASTO TICKETS OPERATION set-up before 9am. I've found a few times in the past that tickets have sneakily gone on sale at 8:55am, which has led to me breezing through the ticket system. You never know if this stroke of luck could happen again!

Also, please make sure you have enough money in your bank account for the ticket(s) before you dedicate a lot of stress and hard work into entering the ticket scramble. I know it goes without saying, but I bet it happens to someone, somewhere out there. Remember, that's £232.50 per ticket per person.

Glastonbury Festival

Laptops, desktops, phone, tablets, smart watches, etc. at the ready!

Multiple devices are a MUST. I usually set up an operation in my living room with at least two laptops, two phones and one tablet. If you have access to even more internet accessible devices then even better! I can't say I know much about smart watches, but if you have one then put it to good use!

The year I lost out on tickets I did have this set-up, so it doesn't always guarantee success. However, I was battling with a shoddy student house internet speed crying into my keyboard. So, MAKE SURE YOU'RE USING A DECENT INTERNET PROVIDER. If you have an ethernet cable for your laptop(s), then even better!

Concerning your phones/tablets/smart watches disconnect from your wi-fi and use your 3G/4G. Obviously 4G will work a hella alot better and it'll also not slow down the wi-fi connection for your laptops.

Also, if you can recruit a partner, buddy or mother to help you out then make the most of them!

Look to Twitter for moral support!

Keep another tab open for Twitter under hashtag search for #Glastonbury/#Glasto/#GlastoTickets, etc. When it looks like that loading page is going no where, it's good to look to Twitter to find thousands of other are in the same position - YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It also gives you a good idea if there are any technical problems going down on SeeTickets if no one tweets "OMG GOT GLASTO TIX U GUYZ XOXO'. If there's no one celebratory tweeting their Glasto success then the tickets are still available!

The ticket scramble begins...

If you see this page, DON'T YOU DARE BLOODY CLICK OFF OF IT! Seriously.

Also if you end up with a white blank page with an indication that something is still loading, even if it has not changed for the past 20 minutes, DO NOT REFRESH IT OR CANCEL THAT PAGE. This has been my gateway to success in the past. That blank white, hopeless page after 20 minutes has suddenly landed on a booking page!

The official Glastonbury website recommends you do not open multiple tabs. But, I always do. I've never found it's affected my purchasing in any way. Also, I always use at least two internet browsers per device: Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. If you're still using Internet Explorer, sort your shit - seriously!

If 2015 isn't your year and you were one of the unlucky ones (we've all been there - I missed out in 2014), then there are other ways you can shimmy yourself into the festival. You can volunteer with a number of charities or companies through Festaff, where you can trade a few hours of your day for a ticket.

For those of you that are fighting to the death in the ticket re-sale this week, I salute you and wish you the best of luck! Do let me know if you do manage to get yourself a ticket and I'll see you on Worthy Farm!

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