A Picnic with Joules

17 May, 2015
Picnic Hamper*: c/o Joules

The sun is BACK! What better way to celebrate than with a few glasses of bubbly and finger food?!

A few evenings back James and myself headed to the waterfront to enjoy make the most of the evening sun by filling this gorgeous Pinterest-worthy picnic hamper from Joules with tons of naughty, but delicious treats. I've never owned a picnic hamper before, but I was absolutely chuffed when I opened it up to find it had a beautiful floral-printed lining equipped with every single picnic utensil and commodity I could ever dream of needing.

We set up our picnic patch at one of my favourite spots in Southampton, Mayflower Park. It sits right beside the water and the docks where the cruise ships and ferries come in. Being a born and bred London girl, I'm still in awe of the sheer size of the ships that dock at the port.

We filled our hamper with some of our favourite munch including cupcakes, strawberries, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, olives and of course, a bottle of prosecco. I've been drinking my prosecco topped with mango juice recently after discovering it's the most glorious combination! I thoroughly you recommend trying it this weekend - you won't regret it!

Joules also kitted us both out with some new summer threads. I opted for this denim-style tunic*, which although is SUPER short on me (PRAISE THE LORD FOR CYCLING SHORTS), is perfect for taking on the denim trend. James opted for a classic slim fit check shirt*, which he wore open and layered over a basic black t-shirt and jeans.

Let's hope the sun is here to stay, because I would quite like another picnic sometime soon!



  1. I love the joules hampers! Their floral prints are so good x


  2. Ahhh Mayflower Park! Perf spot when it's sunny <3 the hamper looks insane! Hope you had a good weekend Hun! xx



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